Post: UK Convention’s Flashback: Investment opportunities to maximise in agribusiness sector | Dr Samuel Mugasi, Ed NAADS

UK Convention’s Flashback: Investment opportunities to maximise in agribusiness sector | Dr Samuel Mugasi, Ed NAADS

People living in the diaspora and Ugandans within the country have been urged to embrace the several opportunities in agribusiness.

The call was made by Dr Samuel Mugasi, the executive director of National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS).

He was addressing the 11th UK Uganda Trade and Investment Convention which took place virtually on September 11.

According to Uganda National Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), about 70% of Uganda’s working population is employed in agriculture. Also, the country produces a wide range of agricultural products such as coffee, tea, dairy products and spices.

Farmers from Kwonifur Group in Nyapea in Zombo district jointly take part in coffee drying

Mugasi explained that coffee is among the top cash crops grown globally and Uganda’s coffee ranks at the top in Africa.

Unfortunately, the bulk of our coffee is exported unprocessed, yet it can fetch more gains in the country.

“A cup of coffee is about $3 in restaurants, which means a kilo of coffee can fetch one $360 if value is add to it. That is the power and value of agribusiness,” he opined.

Mugasi urged the over 500 participants to invest their money in the country because coffee is also consumed locally.

Additionally, Eric Olanya, the head of trade at the British High Commission said Uganda produces a lot of coffee, but the brand is not known to the world.

“The embassy has organised a coffee competition for Ugandan and foreign tasters to help improve the image of Ugandan coffee in the UK and beyond as well,” he said.

Olanya added that they have a team from UK that buys Uganda’s agriproducts. They also inform Uganda about what is needed in the UK.

“We have also started a project on water pumping that is aimed at boosting irrigation. We are looking forward to more investments to improve the Ugandan economy,” he said.

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