Blog: Investment opportunities in Buganda Kingdom

Investment opportunities in Buganda Kingdom

Sectors of Investment

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Among the Member countries that form the EAC, Uganda presents the highest rate of return on investments in Commercial and Real Estate. Buganda Kingdom is geographically strategically positioned in the central part of Uganda which hosts the capital city Kampala.

Kampala being the central business district of Uganda attracts a hive of commercial activities that tend to increase rural-urban migration. As a result there is increasing pressure on both commercial and residential properties.

Recent statistics from the Ministry of Housing Lands and Urban development have revealed that Kampala has a deficit of 600,000 units of residential houses; hence the reason the Kingdom being one of the biggest Land lords in the country has deemed it viable to venture into Commercial and Real Estate Developments


Media plays a pivotal role in the existence and continuity of any establishment. Uganda’s population is currently estimated at 33 million of which over 10 million is estimated to be people from the Ganda origin. In order to effectively mobilize the subjects of the Kabaka, it’s important that the Kingdom invests in the media not only for commercial benefits but also for quick and easy mobilization of the subjects.


For long the backbone of Uganda’s economy has been based on Agriculture. Many of the Kingdom’s subjects derive their livelihood from subsistence agriculture as opposed to commercial agriculture due to the lack of skills in modern agricultural practices. It’s therefore the view of the Kingdom that investments in mechanized commercial agriculture are encouraged, coupled with skills in value addition in order to improve food security and income among households.

Trade and Commerce

Buganda Kingdom posses a strong value preposition emanating from its population that can effectively facilitate the commercial exchange of goods and services via trade. It’s therefore the Kingdom’s view that the resource envelope can be widened by innovatively engaging in various forms of trade and commerce.

Financial Services

According to the United Nations Fund for Population Activities [UNFPA] report 2013, 24.5% of Uganda’s population is trapped in absolute poverty and about 67% of Ugandans in the report are described as either poor or highly vulnerable to poverty, yet access to credit especially to the rural poor still remains a big challenge. It’s against this background that the Kingdom deems it necessary to establish organizations that will provide financial assistance in form of short term credit facilities to its subjects engaged in any form of business enterprise in a bid to help improve their standard of living hence curb poverty.


Investment Opportunities

Buganda Land Board has Huge deposits of quality granite stone out crops which can be used for making hard core granite tiles, fabrication of kitchen/table counter tops, Tombstones, bathroom vanity tops, jacuzzi and fireplace surrounds, stone aggregate for road construction and reinforcing buildings

Quantity of extractable material- 9.4million tones at Nammonde granite rock

Out Crop 1 Out Crop 2 Out Crop 3
Area: 21,000m2 38,000m2 48,000m2
Comp: Pink medium Well foliated granite Non foliated granite Medium grained granite
Vol: 20,000m3 37,000m3 48,000m3

The granite genesis rock at Nakanyonyi, Nabbaale Kyaggwe block 40 reserve estimation 

Outcrops Main Lower 1 Lower 2
Area (m2) 79,256 42,845 12,152
Depth of extraction (masl) 1,153 1,140 1,160
Total Reserves including overburden (m3) 2,411,987 980,828 170,387
Overburden & weathered portion (%) 30 30 60
Overburden (m3) 723,596 294,248 102,232
Ore reserve (m3) (a-b) 1,688,391 686,579 68,155
Ore reserve extraction (80% of total reserve) 1,350,713 549,262 54,524
Tonnage, tonnes (specific gravity=2.6 tonnes per m3 =2.6*c) 3,511,853 1,428,085 141,762

Note: The detailed geological reports on the above rock deposits can be accessed on request.

Master planned land for real estate development in Kigo next to Lake Victoria Serena Resort.


Note: The high density residential section as indicated on the master plan has already been taken but Low Density Residential and the Commercial Zones (Shopping mall, Hotel & Offices) are largely available.


There is vast land available for agricultural purposes in Kyaggwe. This land however is not totally vacant. There are a few tenants with scattered temporally and semi permanent developments who can be compensated or incorporated in the development.

Prime plots

A few prime plots of land ranging from ½ – 4Acres exist around Katwe and Mengo. These plots are not totally vacant but the tenants can either be compensated or incorporated in the development.

Land for a Mass Housing Project in Buswa Wakiso District.

The mass housing project would fill the gap in the housing sector. According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Uganda has a housing deficit of 550,000 units. About 160,000 of this backlog is in urban areas. Kampala alone has a housing deficit of 100,000 units.


Investment Guidelines

The Investment Guidelines below help us to carry out an investment due diligence on all our intending Investment Partners.

  • Copy of Identification.
  • Proposed business development concept, estimated project cost and Ghant chart showing implementation phases along with time frames.
  • Bank statement for at least 12 months for company, six months for an individual.(proof of financial ability to undertake project)
  • Copies of all Certified legal Documents i.e Business registration certificate, Certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, list of operational Licenses if applicable.
  • Certified License for the Business for local companies / investment certificate for international companies.
  • Tax receipts  for local companies (Pro-forma and VAT for previous year)
  • Audited books of accounts for the most previous year.
  • Historical Cash flow for the Business for the past one year.(where  applicable)
  • Projected cash flow.
  • Resolution to attain lease.
For more information about these opportunities contact the Buganda Land Board on
Tel: 00256 312263741, 00256 759708095
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