Post: Investing in Uganda’s Financial Markets – (Diaspora Bond)

Investing in Uganda’s Financial Markets – (Diaspora Bond)

At this year’s Convention, we have put together a team of experts to discuss a range of investment opportunities in the financial market. Financial sector development is paramount to successful and sustainable economic development. Indeed, a more effective formal financial system will contribute significantly to a better allocation of resources for investments while improved access to financial services for the Diaspora will help to increase foreign remittance and deposits from Ugandans in the Diaspora. This approach will also help to reduce Uganda’s dependency on foreign currency denominated debt.

The panel will be moderated by a Ugandan based in the UK, Edwin Senjobe,  CRM Enterprise Architect at JuicyMobile.  The panel will include, among others;

  • Eric-Vincent Guichard, CEO Homestrings
  • Phillip Wabulya, Executive Director Operations – Bank of Uganda
  • Kenneth Egesa, Assistant Director  –  Bank of Uganda
  • Veronica Kalema, Africa Credit Specialist – Nedbank Capital (London)

Outcome: At the end of the discussion, delegates will be able to understand and identify potential investment opportunities including, among others;

Uganda Financial Markets – the Current State of play

  • How will the bond be incentivized?
  • How can the Bond’s project corruption and attrition be reduced?
  • Are there risks of non-payment of earnings of the project the bond is invested in?
  • How can Bond holders gain Trust in the Guarantor of the bond?
  • What are the reassurances that the bond will work?


Ugandans in the Diaspora are encouraged to invest their hard earned money back home, especially in markets that are not volatile, but predictable, such as Bonds. As an investor, you will know how much interest you can expect to receive, how often you’ll receive it, and when your principal (called the bond’s face value) will be repaid (maturity date). And, this is a sound investment because the interest rates paid by bonds, especially short-term bonds, typically exceed those paid by banks on savings accounts.

Harnessing the Diaspora’s  financial base: Channelling remittances through the Diaspora Bonds. “If only a fraction of the African Diaspora’s annual savings could be tapped through Diaspora bonds, we could realistically estimate somewhere between $5bn and $10bn as the potential size of funds that could be raised,” argues Dilip Ratha, manager of the World Bank’s Migration and Remittances Unit. The majority of remittance inflows have only fuelled short-term consumption and have not been directed towards productive sector projects.


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