Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is a One-Stop facilitator for investors, mandated by an Act of Parliament (1991) to attract, promote and facilitate investment. Equipped with highly motivated professional staff, UIA assists investors to expediently implement their business plans. In addition, UIA continually advises Government on the best practice policies regarding investment in Uganda as a whole.

As such, UIA markets Uganda’s investment opportunities to targeted investors all over the world, coordinates the national investment marketing program, monitors international investment trends and serves as the first and most comprehensive point of contact for investors in Uganda.


UIA offers the following services to investors:

  1. Providing first-hand information on investment opportunities in Uganda;
  2. Promoting Uganda as an investment location for investors;
  3. Helping investors to implement their project ideas through professional advice and assistance in locating relevant project support services;
  4. Helping investors to secure secondary licenses and approvals;
  5. Arranging contacts for investors and organizing itineraries for visiting foreign missions within the country;
  6. Assisting investors in seeking joint venture partners and funding;
  7. Ensuring protection for intellectual property and trade secrets where technology transfer is involved;
  8. Reviewing and making policy recommendations to government about investment.

UIA provides more detailed information to investors regarding specific sector developments. For more information contact:

Uganda Investment Authority:
The Investment Centre
Plot 28 Kampala Road
P.O. Box 7148
Kampala – Uganda
Tel: 256 414 301000
Fax: 256 414 342903