Post: Investing in the tourism industry in Buganda

Investing in the tourism industry in Buganda

  Why invest in Buganda?

  • Central location
  • Hospitality
  • Cultural diversity
  • Rich biodiversity
  • Resource endowment
  • Cultural preservation
  • To change the stigma- globalization

The Mengo Royal Trail

  • Kampala is home of one of the worlds richest cultural cites.
  • The Trail covers a radius of about 25 Km around Kampala and includes heritage sites, eco-tourism, Galleries, craft shops, bookshops, entertainment points and lifestyle. A combination of which offers unequalled cultural tourism attraction in sub Saharan Africa.

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Contact us at :
Buganda Tourism Center
Fort Lugard Site
OLd Kampala
+256 772695995

Owek.Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi
Minister of State for Tourism
Rm 2 3rd Floor Bulange Bldg Buganda
Tel ; 256755782722

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