Post: Introducing the Uganda-UK Convention’s 2015 steering committee

Introducing the Uganda-UK Convention’s 2015 steering committee

The 5th Uganda UK Convention is taking place in London on 12th September 2015. For the past 4 years, the Convention has brought together a considerable number of government and business leaders and investors both from Uganda and the UK who are keen to tap into the wealth of investment opportunities that are available in Uganda and the East African region.


Following on this considerable success, the Convention has decided this year to restructure its management and to broaden its steering and planning committee, in order to bring to the table even more expertise and professional advice, as well as fresh ideas and energy.


We are grateful that the following people have accepted to become members of the steering committee. All of them are contributing with their unique and specific skills, knowledge, expertise and advice.


Thanks to the invaluable contribution of these individuals, the 5th Convention can only be another resounding success!


HE Joyce KikafundaProfessor Joyce Kakuramatsi Kikafunda, High Commissioner of Uganda to the UK has been a fervent supporter of the Convention ever since she assumed office in 2013. Her input is key in ensuring the participation of our most esteemed high profile Ugandan guests and key speakers.


SheikhLord Sheikh and Lord Verjee are all accomplished and very successful businessmen in the UK with a wealth of expertise to share and new ideas to put forward and explore. These three gentlemen also share a unique passion for the development of Uganda and its Diaspora, and also hold a vision of African and Asian Ugandans becoming more united in their common goal to develop Uganda.


PopatLord Popat is known to be highly supportive of SMEs and of the development of East Africa and other Commonwealth nations. He has engaged himself to help bring more British and Asian owned companies to the Convention and to form closer ties with UKTI, DFID, and with Ugandan Asians serving in Parliament. Lord Popat’s support is invaluable to take the Convention to another level.


Jaffer Kapasi OBEMr Jaffer Kapasi is another esteemed and successful Ugandan Asian businessman who is keen to promote trade between the UK and Uganda. His contribution is essential to ensure the objectives of the Convention are met for the benefit of all.


Venerable Daniel Kajumba is a highly respected member of the Ugandan Diaspora in the UK. He adds an invaluable element of community cohesion to the committee, creating a genuine togetherness amongst its members.


Nimisha#Ambassador Nimisha Madhvani in France has wholeheartedly embraced the Convention and its vision. Her scope of influence and her contacts spread far and wide in Europe and her contribution is ensuring that the Convention is reaching Ugandans even beyond the UK boarders.

MutenzaWilly Mutenza, is the chairman and founder of the Convention. IWilly Mutenza is a senior marketing consultant at the Promota marketing agency specialising in the African ethnic community. Willy founded The Promota Group in 1998 and has expanded its business interests in magazine publication, events management, private equity bridging, printing and design, web and multimedia design and property in Uganda.
Willy Publishes the Promota Africa magazine a popular high quality gloss magazine in the UK targeting African ethnic consumers. The Promota magazine is one of the popular ethnic focused magazines published in the UK.
Willy is also a Director at MM2 Capital, MM2 is developed as a pan-African capital investment equity company.

Ambassador Dr. Mumtaz Kassam is the Deputy High Commissioner at the Uganda High Commission in Rome. Prior to this position, she served in the same capacity at the High Commission is London, so is well placed to forge links between the UK and her current circle of influence. Dr Kassam has always been actively promoting the development of Uganda, so her contribution only adds to the realisation of the Convention’s goals.


His Excellency E Zaake Wanume Kibedi is Head of Mission in Denmark and like his colleagues across Europe, is keen to bring the Ugandan Diaspora together, especially those who chose the Nordic Regions as their new home. Mr Kibedi is best positioned to raise awareness of the Convention in the Nordic region and to encourage its business community to get involved.


HEBlaakHer Excellency Mirjam Blaak Sow is Head of Mission at the Uganda Embassy in Brussels. Ms Blaak Sow has been a long standing supporter of Uganda in various capacities, spanning decades. Her deep passion for the country and her intimate knowledge of the Ugandan culture and economic climate gives her a unique edge in linking the Diaspora in Europe to the Convention.


Eng. Dr Frank SebbowaDr Frank Sebbowa is a Ugandan Mechanical Engineer who is serving as the Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority. Mr Sebbowa is a key link to ensure that all matters relating to investments opportunities and investment procedures in Uganda can be addressed in the most comprehensive way.


Ms Zahara Kayongo is a business strategist, implementing the UN Pillars of the Decade of Action on Road Safety in Sub- Sahara Africa, as well as director of Africa House London. Her experience in SMEs and research in international development gives her a unique edge on identifying new strategies and ideas that can be introduced to the Convention.


…and meet our other esteemed committee members who are all bringing invaluable assets to the Convention on this link:

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