Post: Infrastructure without improved incomes in not development – President

Infrastructure without improved incomes in not development – President

President Yoweri Museveni has called on local leaders to mobilize the people in household income generation, saying well as government is doing everything possible to build infrastructure for development, without improved incomes, families cannot access quality goods and services. “Several people have talked about infrastructure without focusing on income generation. People need goods and services which require money and that means a good income for the family.

We need to encourage our people to engage in profitable projects to improve their incomes,” he said. The President was yesterday speaking to a delegation of local leaders from Ibanda district at his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhura District . The delegation was led by the Ibanda Women Member of Parliament, Mrs. Margaret Kiboijana. According to the 2002 population census, only 32% of the people had an income while 68% entirely depended on subsistence farming for food. The President said that the biggest weakness and the ultimate cause of household poverty in Uganda is having a large fraction of the Ugandan population engage in subsistence agricultural production.

He said modern demands of life go beyond subsistence production to farming for food and incomes. He stressed that before the people achieve development, they need to have income. He observed that Uganda has abundant resources which need to be tapped for the benefit of the people. He cautioned Ugandans against producing a large number of children beyond the number they can afford to look after and urged them to maintain discipline by avoiding drunkenness. He pledged government assistance to the district in the construction of valley dams and revealed that the NRM Government plans to construct technical institutes in every district.

The President promised to study the issue of a 60% deposit of tuition fees required at the University and get a solution. He thanked the people of Ibanda District for voting him and the NRM during the 2012 elections. President Museveni cautioned them against bad human settlements which have led to land fragmentation. He encouraged them to promote the cultivation of fruits in order to enhance their income. He advised the small land holders to cultivate tomatoes, onions and rear poultry.

The Ibanda Women Member of Parliament Margaret Kiboijana called on the people to reconcile and unite for the development of the district. The LC 5 Chairman, Mr. Robert Rutehenda reported that some of the SACCOs have been mismanaged in the District. He urged the law enforcement and judicial officials to stop blocking justice.

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