How to Strengthen International Marketing Strategies Post-Brexit

 How to Strengthen International Marketing Strategies Post-Brexit

The Brexit ‘positives’

If there’s one positive to come from the Brexit situation, from a business perspective, it’s that it forces a rethink of international marketing strategies focused on success in Europe. Targeting markets on the continent should be part of any international marketing strategy post-Brexit, but the country’s exit from the EU represents an even bigger opportunity.

UK businesses can combine their international marketing efforts in Europe with a strategy that targets new, emerging overseas markets worldwide, including Brazil, China and Japan to name a few. Branching out beyond the single market spreads the risk, while making your business much more sustainable, globally.

Europe is still a safe zone for international marketing because Britain has established trade links, and despite Brexit, British products and services will continue to be in demand. Now is the time to consider a more cost-effective approach and reinforce your international marketing strategies in Europe…

…Why? Brexit will present some challenges, i.e. it’s likely that UK citizens will require a visa to travel to European countries, making things like international exhibitions on the continent a little trickier.

However, an online international marketing strategy helps lower some of these potential barriers, while making market penetration quicker, easier and far more cost-effective.

Refocusing international marketing strategies

Beyond Europe, new emerging markets present new opportunities, and the good news is that Britain already has a rapport with many non-EU export destinations. For instance, UK exports to Brazil have increased by 20%, according to UK government statistics.

Thankfully, the digital age has revolutionized international marketing strategies. No longer is it an absolute necessity to constantly visit foreign nations, employ marketing or sales agents based overseas and establish international offices in order to raise brand awareness.

Channels now exist whereby companies can execute an international marketing plan, purely online, which is why Europe will continue to be accessible post-Brexit, while giving your business scope to build a global brand. Everything from content to communications can be adapted to appeal to international audiences, representing a massive cost and time saving.

The beauty of utilizing online, international marketing methods is that you can swiftly identify hotspots where demand for UK products and services is high. That way, if your business ever arrives at the point of expanding overseas, you can do so knowing that you’re targeting the right markets.

Don’t dismiss export marketing for Europe

However, the call to pursue export markets beyond the EU domain is not a call to dismiss Europe as an export option completely. Britain’s exit from the EU does not make the country any less a part of Europe.

Brexit is positive in one respect, because it requires you to evaluate your current international marketing strategies, and how to reach foreign customers when things are a little more challenging.

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