Post: We welcome Housing Finance Bank as our sponsor of The UgandaUK Trade & Investment Virtual Convention2020.

We welcome Housing Finance Bank as our sponsor of The UgandaUK Trade & Investment Virtual Convention2020.

Housing Finance Bank will be one of the sponsors at the Virtual 10th Anniversary UgandaUK Trade and investment Convention2020 on the 12th September 2020 at 12PM – 2PM (UK GMT) | 2PM – 6PM (UGANDA EAT) to present to Ugandans, investors and friends of Uganda opportunities to open an account in Uganda, save, apply for various mortgages and invest back home!

There will be a chance to join for Ugandans who wish to; invest back home, buy a house, transfer funds to relatives or save for their children’s education.

Ugandans can transfer funds worldwide from host country straight to their bank account using a variety of wire systems like; Western Union, Money gram, Telegraphic Transfers (Us) and HFB Mobile.

  1. For only $50, Ugandans will be able to open a USD Classic Savings account and enjoy inexpensive banking services including access to free online statements.
  2. Apply for a purchase or construction mortgage for residential or commercial property and enjoy preferential rates.
  3. Through Housing Finance Bank investments and custodial services; operate a fixed deposit account, apply for a CDS account, invest in treasury bills & bonds and benefit from free investment advisory services.

Recently the Housing Finance Bank vowed to close Uganda’s housing gap; Uganda’s housing deficit that currently stands at two million units continues to grow by 300,000 units per year, Housing Finance Bank (HFB). According to housing experts, this means concerted efforts are needed to close the housing gap and provide reasonably priced housing solutions to the people and also a good move for those residing in the Diaspora to be able to take advantage of affordable mortgage schemes provided by the bank. Housing Finance bank has recently, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a local developer to increase the supply of affordable homes in the market and increase the uptake of mortgages.

The Ugandan law now recognizes the ownership of condominium and owners can acquire land titles just like in developed countries.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic resulting public gatherings and events getting restricted in London, UCUK has decided to turn the annual UgandaUK trade and Investment Convention into a virtual event this year.


That’s why we have decided to develop a series of workshops, masterclasses, tips, helpful links and any information that can help our partners, businesses and members to access the various services, opportunities and tips during this difficult time.


In extension of our mission of highlighting Uganda-UK’s bilateral business and investment opportunities, we are happy to invite you to a virtual conference on 12th September 2020. This first virtual networking conference between Leaders, business captains, Diasporas and Industry experts will be a great occasion to help businesses, members of the Diaspora and government officials connect with people shaping the future of Ugandan economies.


We have always taken pride in the fact that UCUK forum brings together experts, business leaders, professionals and representatives from prominent organisations based in Uganda, the UK and beyond.


In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we are bringing our most senior line-up yet. Expect insights from senior leaders at the forefront of doing business in Uganda, impactful presentations, real-world case studies, interactive sessions, and virtual networking – Direct to your home.


Participants will be able to join the event online via YouTube Live, Facebook, Zoom and Webinar.


Together is the only way we will get through these difficult times!

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