Post: Hon. Wafula Oguttu “Keep politics out of development projects” and come back home and invest!

Hon. Wafula Oguttu “Keep politics out of development projects” and come back home and invest!

Leader of Opposition in Parliament Hon. Wafula Oguttu to present a paper at the Ugandan Convention UK in London on 13th September on Rural Development.

One of the primary objectives of the UK convention is to woo investors to invest in Uganda and also to encourage Ugandans in the Diaspora to explore the many investment opportunities in their home country.
Hon. Oguttu not only appreciates the endeavor of the Ugandan Convention in the UK for focusing on development sectors and keeping the forum out of politics. He is happy to be part of the drive that encourages Ugandans and investors to come to Ugandan to invest and transform rural areas, and bring about his own vision to see electrification and development increase in all rural areas in Uganda.

Hon. Oguttu echoes the same message he recently shared during the launch of the Rural Electrification Project Phase III to benefit the communities of the eastern region. “To develop a country we don’t need politicking – whether you are in opposition or not. We should be united for development,” Oguttu told residents of Namayingo.


The Convention’s organising team is delighted to accept the request from Hon. Oguttu to present a paper at the forthcoming event in London this September. Hon Oguttu’s contribution will be an invaluable encouragement to the Diaspora to invest back home.
The Convention brings together experts, business leaders, professionals and representatives from prominent organisations based in Uganda, the UK and internationally. Delegates have access to up-to-date information on the vast potential for investment that Uganda offers to both the domestic and international community. They can acquire business tips, obtain relevant literature on priority sectors for investment, take part in an interactive Q & A session and hear about the realities of doing business in Uganda.

A series of carefully selected speakers will consider core subjects and company presentations will highlight the opportunity Uganda presents for investors, and delegates.
The Summit will provide delegates with an unmissable opportunity to network with top level government and private sector delegates.

Focused sectors will include;
•    Agribusiness- agro-processing
•    Manufacturing and Packaging
•    Tourism Infrastructure
•    Transport /Logistics Infrastructure
•    Distribution & Warehousing
•    Mining and refining
•    Support to Oil & Gas sub sector
•    Technologies- ICT
•    Health, Education, Financial
•    Venture Capital Financing


Isabelle Gravenstein

Operation’s Director – UGANDAN UK CONVENTION
Ugandan UK Trade & Investment Forum
Tel: 07790 647089 | 0207 237 7317

Linknd: uganda-convention-uk
Ytube:ugandansinuk | Twitter:UGConventionUK

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