Post: Hon Sam Engola, Minister of State for Housing.

Hon Sam Engola, Minister of State for Housing.

He started by saying that the opportunity for houses in Uganda is very high. More than one million houses need to built in Uganda at the moment and he appealed to the Diaspora to help the country achieve this target.  He also encouraged people to go back home to buy a readymade flat or house, rather than rely on relatives to build a home for them, which they may find will never get done. He listed numerous new built properties for sale that were very affordable for members of the Diaspora and encouraged them to look at various projects of National Housing Corporation (


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  • As Ugandans in the diaspora, the concern is that we have a decent life here and also when we return home, that we are able to partake in the development and investment opportunities home. However, we also desire the same for all fellow Ugandans who stay and work within our motherland. Has the ministry of housing planned any affordable decent housing facilities for the ordinary Ugandans living and working within the country? A very disturbing number of them are crammed in slums alover the capital city and towns around the country.

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