Post: UK Convention’s Flashback: Hon. Sam Engola, Minister of Housing interview – 2013

UK Convention’s Flashback: Hon. Sam Engola, Minister of Housing interview – 2013

Hon Sam Engola, Minister of State for Housing highlighted the shortfall of 1.2 million houses. he invited investors to come to Uganda and introduce new and affordable housing technology. Technology is now key to fill the gap of deficit. In 1962 Uganda had a population of 5 million and now we are over 33 million people and we are not gaining any more land and there is a need to start developing vertically as Patrick Bitature advised in order to utilise the vertical free space.

Uganda has new districts which all needs houses for its staff, the army, police, prison, health and civil servants all needs new houses. The government has new private partnership arrangements which investors can take advantage where the government can come in as partners and provide land and together you can invest.

The price for property in Uganda is liberalised and the returns are very attractive though the government is putting up measures to mitigate price hyping.

New opportunities at Karuma for new 50,000 houses to house people in the new proposed city and the hydro-power plant will attract a lot of service providers in the area.

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