Post: Hon Evelyn Anite, Youth MP for Northern Uganda.

Hon Evelyn Anite, Youth MP for Northern Uganda.

She mentioned that the northern districts lagged behind because of past political instability, in the areas of education, infrastructure and many other sectors. She invited the Diaspora to help build a sustainable growth in the area; firstly by visiting it and see firsthand what challenges the people are facing. Some cannot even speak English. How could the Diaspora help them learn the language? What has made these people drop out of school?

There are a lot of teenage pregnancies, as early as the age of 9 or 10 and these youngsters are not likely to go back to school.  Members of the Diaspora could become mentors to these young people. Another way to help is through networking, to identify with the people who need help. Also, she asked the audience to draw the attention of British NGOs and donors to the problems Northern Uganda is having, where they may be interested to help. She suggested that the Diaspora could organize more forums engaging on the development of Northern Uganda and urged the youngsters in the audience to join her in taking action for a way forward.


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