Blog: Guide to Starting a Business in Uganda

Guide to Starting a Business in Uganda

Uganda is a great place to start a business. Known as “The Pearl of Africa,” the economy of Uganda is shining and booming once again. With an economical growth of 7% every year, it is one of the greatest business markets to venture in.

Uganda’s economy and market have grown dramatically over the past years. Today, you can see Mercedes and BMW cars in Africa where they have been manufactured. Many economists and analysts attribute this development to the return of the East Indian community who had been kicked out by the Idi Administration in the 70s. During this period, over 40,000 Indians were expelled, taking their properties away from them. The Idi administration held these properties and distributed them to their friends. This, for many reasons, disrupted the growing economy of old Uganda. Today many them, mostly the sons and daughters of the past Indian generation, have returned to reclaim what they have lost in the early 70s after migrating to other power nations like the US and UK.  They have returned rebuilding their business making money in different industries. This is why Uganda is a Great Place to Start a Business. Like these Indian investors and business owner, you too can make profits in Uganda’s many business sectors. While companies like LJ West Diamonds in the United States excel in the diamond business, similar companies in Uganda are making a great living in the jewelry business as well.

Uganda houses different types of businesses and one of them are the social businesses like private boarding schools from nursery to secondary. However, the challenges are the quality of food to provide this children and the quality of education to offer. The key problems are the resources for these quality foods and the high prices of goods in the market. One great solution for this problem is to incorporate soya products in school meals.

Uganda has not been hailed as “The Pearl of Africa” for one reason and that is Uganda’s beautiful land. Thus, investing on tourism and hospitality can be a good business idea. It is Uganda’s fasted growing sector today. The tourism here focuses on landscape and wildlife. The tourism in Uganda has grown vastly from $165.3m in 2001 to over $600m by 2009.

In Uganda, you can invest on fruits and vegetables. The country owns 19 million hectares of land feasible for agriculture. Uganda’s abundance of great soil resources, well-distributed rainfall, and fair climate can help you produce most of its popular tropical fruits and vegetables.  A good product to think about is coffee and coffee processing. This sector alone accounts to the country’s export recent export earnings.

The massive shortage in housing can also help you gain profit by entering construction and real estate. Uganda’s growing economy aims to increase urbanization and a part of this is by increasing the number of houses. Uganda’s government offers attractive incentives in an effort to fast-track the deliveries of construction materials.

The Information and communication sector has fairly increased by 30% since 2000. This sector is very dynamic as a result of the country’s food information and communication legal and regulatory framework which has been pursued by the government since the early 90s. The information sector has become an open market, presenting a lot of investment opportunities.

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