This business idea is aimed at growing and marketing of watermelons. The idea is premised on harvesting 12,000 watermelons per quarter which translates into 48,000 watermelons per year. The revenue potential is estimated at USD 7,200 per quarter, which translates into US$ 28,800 per year. The business has a good market demand throughout the year and can provide employment to the youths and women. The Project cost is about US$ 135, with a net profit margin of 84%.


Production process

Dig plenty of organic matter into the soil to provide the conditions watermelons need: a light, sandy, fertile loam soil that is well-drained yet retains moisture. Plant Watermelons after both air and soil temperatures have reached 65°F usually two to three weeks after the last rainfall. Direct sowing is best if your growing season is long enough for the plants to mature. For each plant, dig a hole two feet in diameter and a foot deep, and add at least a shovelful of compost or well-cured manure and a trowel or two of bone meal. Set hardened-off transplants into the ground at the depth they were growing in their pots.

Sow seeds an inch deep in hills. Water thoroughly with compost tea. Allow plenty of space between plants. Apply a thick organic mulch to hold in moisture, Remove all covers as soon as flowers appear so that bees and other insects can pollinate the plants, and begin fertilizing with compost tea every three weeks and should be ready to pick about 3 months later.

Machines & tools required in US$

Item Unit Qty @ Total
Wheelbarrows No. 2 40 80
Hand tools. No. 1 55 55
TC of Machinery 135

Land requirements:

2acres of land approx. 1,000 US $

Production and operating cost for 3 months in US$

Cost Item Units @ Qty / quarter Prod. Cost/ Quarter Prod. Cost/ year
water melon seeds (250 seeds) No. 0.02 12,000 240 960
Poles No. 0.3 2,200 660 2640
Chemicals Kgs 15 3 45 180
Mulches bundles 0.25 100 25 100
Sub-total 970 3,880

General costs (Overheads) Product cost and Price structure

(Utilities (water) 15 180
wages 20 240
Depreciation (Assets write off) Expenses 2 24
Sub-total 481 444
Total Operating costs 4,324
Item Qty /yr @ Prod./yr UPx TR ($)
Water melon 48,000 0.55 26,400 0.6 28,800

Profitability analysis in US $

Profitability item per Quarter per year
water melons 7,200 28,800
Less Prod & Operating Costs 1081 4,324
Profit 6,333 24,476

Market Analysis

There is a growing market for fruits such as watermelon country wide especially in urban areas. Water melons can be supplied to Fruit vendors, markets, hotels, supermarkets, canteens.

Equipment and raw materials suppliers

All materials and equipments can be obtained from the local market country wide.

Government Incentives Available

Government has scrapped taxes on Agricultural inputs to boost the agricultural sector. Incentives are also being given to farmers through NAADS Programme.


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