Simon Hodson, CEO, was a keynote speaker at the 2022 UK-Uganda Trade and Investment Summit, which took place at the Park Plaza Riverbank hotel in London.

The conference focused on energy, and Simon was able to highlight Amari Power Transmission, a US$90 million pilot project to improve the country’s power transmission system that we unveiled with the Government of Uganda in June.

Amari will update four critical substations that are critical to the country’s power infrastructure and its capacity to absorb additional renewable energy. The project will provide consumers with higher-quality power, especially major industrial users that want dependable, low-cost energy to help generate employment and develop Uganda’s economy.

You may view our new Amari video here:

You may also learn more about the Amari project on our portfolio website:

Almost 400 attendees from Uganda’s business community, diaspora, government officials, and UK enterprises investing in Uganda attended the conference. We were happy to define our African mission and our intention to promote Uganda’s growth.

Simon informed the audience that transmission infrastructure is vital social infrastructure and that large-scale utilities are still the greatest way to link the majority of people and companies to cheap, dependable electricity. The majority of African countries lack a transmission spine that connects all key population centres, and many transmission networks suffer from capacity bottlenecks, reducing power reliability and the ability to integrate more renewables into a country’s electricity grid.


Gridworks CEO, Simon Hodson, was a keynote speaker at the recent UK-Uganda Trade and Investment Summit that took place in London.


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