Post: GOLDEN LIGHT 4 ELDERLY to exhibit at the 2nd Ugandan UK Convention

GOLDEN LIGHT 4 ELDERLY to exhibit at the 2nd Ugandan UK Convention

The organising committee of the Ugandan Convention is pleased to welcome on board GOLDEN LIGHT 4 ELDERLY as their new exhibitor. It is one of the core objectives of the Convention to promote philanthropy and we appeal to all participants to give their hand of support to charitable causes like G.L4.E and many others that will exhibit at the Convention.

About G.L.4.E

We are a charitable subsidiary of The United Christian Prayer Camp (TUCPC).
We seek to relieve poverty and social inactivity amongst Elderly people by awakening, involving and empowering them. The majority of our poverty relief work is in developing countries such as, Uganda and also does social involvement work in developed countries such as, The United Kingdom.


Our proposed five-year strategic goals for 2012-2017

  1. Build 15 furnished houses in the Ugandan elderly communities we currently operate
  2. Develop and establish community centers such as, schools, & health care centers, in 4 communities we operate
  3. Deliver Christmas gifts to 100 elderly households every Christmas
  4. Improving sewage and water barrier systems in swampy communities
  5. Providing jobs and occupations, and supporting 15 elderly people into employment or self-employment every year
  6. Supporting dependants to completing at least primary education
  7. Creating volunteering opportunities to involve elderly people in the UK
  8. Organizing two retreats every year for both elderly people in Uganda & UK.
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