- 13th UK-Uganda Investment and Trade Summit 2023 -


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Revolutionizing Financial Accessibility: Flutterwave's Impact on Uganda's Economy

The 13th UK-Uganda Trade & Investment Summit in London served as a platform for discussing groundbreaking advancements in Uganda’s financial sector. A key highlight of the summit was the presentation by James Hardy, Head of Global Retail & Market Development at Flutterwave, who elaborated on how digital payment solutions are pivotal in enhancing Uganda's financial inclusivity and expanding its tax base.


Financial Inclusivity Through Digital Payments

One of the most significant contributions of Flutterwave is its role in integrating individuals who lack traditional bank accounts into Uganda’s formal economy. This integration is achieved through Flutterwave’s mobile app, which broadens the tax base by making more transactions traceable and taxable. This is a vital step in formalizing the economy and bringing financial services to the unbanked.


Ease of Access to Financial Services

Flutterwave has revolutionized the way financial services are accessed, particularly in remote or underbanked areas. By transforming smartphones into mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, the app enables merchants and consumers in these areas to engage in the economy more actively, fostering economic growth.

Promotion of a Cashless Economy

The shift towards a cashless economy is another significant aspect of Flutterwave's impact. The platform simplifies the transaction process with card payment links, enhancing security and efficiency. This reduces the risks associated with cash transactions, marking a step forward in modernizing Uganda's economy.


Reducing Infrastructure Costs for Small Businesses

For small businesses, the adoption of digital payment solutions can be a challenge due to the cost of infrastructure. Flutterwave addresses this by eliminating the need for physical POS systems, thereby lowering the entry barrier and making it more affordable for these businesses to adopt digital payments.


Enhancing Consumer Convenience

Flutterwave enhances the consumer experience by allowing easy card payments through a payment link, mimicking the convenience of traditional POS transactions. This ease of use encourages consumer participation in the digital economy.


Supporting Uganda’s Digital Transformation

By aligning with global digitalization trends, Flutterwave plays a crucial role in aiding Uganda's efforts to embrace digital financial services. This support is key in enhancing Uganda's position in the global digital economy.

Data Collection for Economic Planning

The widespread adoption of digital payment solutions like Flutterwave offers valuable data for economic planning and policy-making. This data is particularly important in understanding the financial behaviour of the unbanked population.


Strengthening Financial Security

Digital platforms like Flutterwave contribute significantly to financial security and transparency. They play a crucial role in reducing fraud and money laundering, thus strengthening Uganda's financial system.



James Hardy's insights at the 13th UK-Uganda Trade & Investment Summit underscored Flutterwave’s crucial role in Uganda’s economic transformation. By providing inclusive, efficient, and secure digital payment solutions, Flutterwave is not only fostering a cashless economy but also expanding the tax base and encouraging entrepreneurship. This aligns with Uganda's aspirations to integrate more fully into the global digital economy, marking a significant step in its economic development journey.

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Enhancing Uganda's Economic Growth: Tax Incentives and Investment Opportunities

Summary: “The speaker highlighted the various tax incentives and investment opportunities in Uganda, particularly in strategic sectors like agriculture, education, and tourism. Emphasis was placed on the tax benefits for developing industrial parks and producing for export, encouraging Ugandans in the diaspora to invest back home.”

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A Tribute to Uganda's Immigration Team at Entebbe Airport...

“Whenever I pass through Entebbe Airport, I consistently encounter outstanding customer service from the Ugandan immigration team. Their proficiency and professionalism not only ensure a seamless entry process but also splendidly showcase Uganda’s hospitable nature. Such a high standard of service significantly enhances the travel experience for international visitors like myself.”
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Remarks by Cllr Ramji Chauhan, Mayor of London Borough of Harrow

Councillor Ramji Chauhan, Mayor of Harrow and the first Uganda-born individual in the role, shared his journey from a Ugandan refugee to UK public servant. Elected in 2010, he’s focused on community service and environmental conservation. He embodies the resilience of Ugandans, contributing significantly to global trade and business.

-Keynote address-

Rt. Hon.

T. Tayebwa

13th annual UK-Uganda Convention

Rt. Hon. Tayebwa conveyed a powerful message about Uganda’s resilience, particularly through the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the country’s stable economy and its ability to continue thriving despite closed borders. He assured investors of a secure and conducive environment for investment, referencing Uganda’s remarkable recovery and stability post-independence, and the return of properties to Asians who lost them during tumultuous times.

Gallery 2023

Preview of the 13th Annual UK-Uganda Convention 2023, scheduled for September 8, 2023, in London, hosted at the esteemed Blue Orchid Hotel, London.