Blog: Flower power: Invest in flourishing sector in Uganda

Flower power: Invest in flourishing sector in Uganda

Large-scale farming in many of Uganda’s agricultural sub-sectors is largely unexploited and commercial floriculture is still at its infancy. But this in a rapidly growing industry.

Roses are grown in open fields thus greatly reducing start-up costs and are the most profitable. 26 varieties of roses are grown for export, including Kenneth, Nicole, Gabriella and First Red. The introduction of locally bred varieties to address the previously low stem height and weight is putting Ugandan produce at par with neighbouring countries at the flower markets.

Other Popular types are tea hybrids (long stem, big flower head), sweethearts (short stem, small to medium head), and sprays (medium stem, minimum of 4 heads per stem).

The industry produces mainly cut flowers, although some cut foliage and potted plants are also available.

Investment opportunities

• Expansion of commercial farming
• Establishment of soil analysis services
• Manufacture of green house plastics
• Manufacture of packaging materials, and production of inputs.


Uganda has two rainy seasons per year, and there is ample water for irrigation all year round from lakes and swamps that never dry out. In locations further from the lakes, water can be found a few feet below the ground. The soils are also very fertile.


Principal export markets include the Netherlands and Norway. However, the quick expansion of export volumes has seen Ugandan flowers sell in various other markets.

For further information on investing in floriculture contact the Uganda Investment Authority.

Key person: Issa Mukasa
Investment Promotion Division

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