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Good morning, I think its a good idea for you guys to come up with this in the UK, i have attended the ones in American which had some positive and negative as to the way it is organised. Would like to be part of it. Please email me back.



am so greatful for this idea as it wil help anumber of ugandans learn and share different ideas during this in Uganda at the moment but would love to attend too.what are the requirements?




Hello there, thnx for the good work well done guys. we have been crying for this big time. Well: am so much interested and looking forward to attend. Am based in United States of America{ Boston} How do i get the invetation letter? B’se i wanna start Applying for VISA now. I be so happy to hear from you all thanx again for yo hard work .


Best Regards!



Iam so grateful that some people are coming,my worry was about how to establish the convention here.I think i will be able to get information from them.Please help me get in touch,give them my details.They must be staying in another City.



I hope you know that I’m an artist and one of the best northern Ugandan international  singer song writer. I’ve been on several sky television in the UK and in Uganda.. I would be grateful if you consider me to perform one or two of my numbers. I’m a good entertainer that’s what I can say. It’s something deferent from the others from Central  Let me know my position so that I can program my summer in advance. Thanks Fiona






what happens to those of us here in Uganda who wish to attend the convention but do not have credit card to pay and rather have cash?

Would also want to show case my business at the convention,what do i have to do to be part of this Historical event.






We are exporters ofassorted african art and crafts Antiques culture and Tourism in Diversity Promotion into the world Market and pioneer exporters of african art and crafts in Uganda with 20 years experience but market access has remained a challenge. We hope that through your organisation we bridge this gap. We can be visited and youtube and face book by searching for arts and crafts moses magala & co ltd.

We will be pleased to keep in touch with you and also attend your programmes always.


Thanks in advance.


kind regards,


moses magala semakula.








Am a fashion designer based in Kampala and wanted to find out if I can attend the convention in that capacity and what the cost would be.



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John Doe

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