Post: Dr. Benon Mutambi, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Internal Affairs | 9th Uganda-UK Convention2019

Dr. Benon Mutambi, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Internal Affairs | 9th Uganda-UK Convention2019

He stated that the Ministry is in the process of digitising all services in order to minimise possibility for corruption tendencies. He appealed to the investor community to seize opportunities in the immigration sector where improvement is needed especially in technology, skills improvement and new and modern equipment that can facilities and can improve immigration services in Uganda.


The Director concluded by thanking Mr. Willy Muter. and his team for putting together such an event that brings together stakeholders from diverse fields with the purpose of bringing business opportunities to Uganda.

Dr Mutambi assured delegates that Uganda Is a country committed to ensuring and maintaining internal security, peace and stability. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is at the fore front of delivering that key mandate. He mentioned the various institutions under the Ministry which include Police, Prisons, Immigration, N. and the NGO Bureau among others.

He noted that Ugandans in the diaspora have complained about a lack of services such as; registration for National IDs, delays in passport issuance, amongst others. The Ugandan High Commission in London has now been fully designated to undertake that mandate of registering Ugandans and issuing National ID’s.

An Immigration officer has been posted to the Embassy bringing immigration services closer to the people and to enable Ugandans in the Diaspora maintain linkages with their roots without any legal hindrances. These services include; registration for citizenship, issuance of travel documents and other consular services.

The Director of the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control, Major General Apollo Kasiita-Gowa noted the enormous contribution of the diaspora to the socio-economic development of Uganda hence the need to support them in attracting potential investment.

He recognised the biggest need for Ugandans in the diaspora, Dual citizenship, and also the need to acquire/renew their passports in the shortest time possible. Dual citizenship means that a person can hold Ugandan citizenship and the citizenship of another country that permits it. The person must also fulfil the legal requirements for dual nationality.


The main benefit of dual citizenship is that one acquires all rights of a Ugandan such as; the right to vote, the right to own property especially in freehold or mailo, amongst others. However, it forbids one from holding the following offices;

  1. President of Uganda
  2. Vice President
  3. Prime Minister
  4. Cabinet Minister and other Ministers, among others.

He also disclosed that the International East African e-Passport had been introduced to replace and eventually phase out the current East African and International Machine-Readable passports by January 2021. The International EAC e-Passport will be embedded with an electronic chip which will have biodata and biometric information of the holder. Applicants shall be able to apply for them using the online system to be rolled out and will be required to appear at any of the issuing centres to take their biometrics.

The Director assured investors that the Directorate is mandated and will facilitate them by offering visas, special passes, work permits and other necessary immigration facilities required to conduct business in Uganda in the quickest possible time.

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