Opportunities in the health sector, don’t miss a presentation from an expert at the Convention

An opportunity has risen 4 u 2 hear from passionate key senior influencer of health from Uganda and learn how u can contribute to the quality and safety improvement in our hospitals in Uganda. Please do not miss a presentation by Dr. Atwine, the Director of Medicines and Health Services Delivery Monitoring Unit at the first Ugandan Convention UK on 27th Aug 2011 at Troxy arena.

MHSDMU work to ensure full accountability of medicines and the way health services are delivered in Uganda. Working to support and sustain  a national health care system that is efficient in operation; providing affordable, high quality healthcare and is cognizant of  the right to health and dignity of the people. MHSDMU is dedicated to ensuring that health workers and other key stakeholders are transparent and accountable; conduct themselves in according to ethical guidelines and practice balanced reporting using robust methods.

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