Coming SOON!: Send money directly No stress! to dad’s mobile* in Uganda.

 Coming SOON!: Send money directly No stress! to dad’s mobile* in Uganda.

Western Union is partnering with MTN to make mobile money transfer from UK to Uganda possible for you.

Very soon, your loved ones will be able to receive more than your call on their mobile phones.

mobile money transfer fact sheet

When Western Union looks at a mobile phone, we see more than a just device to make calls or send text messages. We see a new tool in the hands of a globally mobile workforce and a networked connection to family and friends.

With more than 3.6 billion mobile phones active worldwide – now more phones in developing economies than developed1 – it is clear the mobile phone is as essential in Manila and Mumbai as it is in New York and London.

A key part of the Western Union® business strategy is to offer consumers convenience and choice. The Western Union® mobile money transfer program will provide consumers with an additional option to send and receive funds how, where and when they want.

how will it work?

Western Union and the GSM Association (GSMA), a global trade group representing over 750 GSM mobile phone operators, are working together to develop a framework mobile operators can use to deploy services that enable consumers to send and receive low-principal, high-frequency money transfers using their mobile phones.

Western Union recently announced the first three mobile operators to participate in this initiative:

  • Globe Telecom (Philippines)
  • Smart Communications (Philippines)
  • Bharti Airtel (India)
  • Orascom Telecom (operators in six countries)

The first commercial services began in the second quarter of 2008. Consumers can now send mobile money transfer transactions from select Western Union Agent locations in Hawaii, the UAE, Hong Kong and Singapore to Globe and Smart subscribers in the Philippines.

more ways to send money

If your mobile operator works with Western Union, using the mobile money transfer service could potentially be like having access to 200 countries and more than 334,700 Agent locations in your pocket. Western Union's unique service will allow anyone to use mobile money transfer – even if they don’t have a mobile phone!

At full deployment, consumers will be able to send and receive funds three ways:

  • Cash to Mobile: A consumer can take cash to a participating Western Union Agent location in select countries and provide the recipient’s mobile number and the send amount. Western Union will take care of the rest.
  • Mobile to Cash: A consumer with a mobile-enabled account can send funds to be picked up by the recipient at a participating Western Union Agent location worldwide. The receiver is notified of the arrival of the funds via text message.
  • Mobile to Mobile: Using a mobile phone, a consumer with a mobile-enabled account can send funds to a recipient with a mobile-enabled account. Funds are added directly to the recipient’s account balance.

why western union?

  • The Mobile Money Transfer service will leverage the same trusted platform used by more than 470,000 Western Union Agents in over 200 countries.
  • Western Union has extensive compliance capabilities and systems and the experience to handle cross-border transactions.
  • Consumers trust the Western Union brand.


  • Mobile transfers are great, but if possible a prepaid debit card should do the trick. My visa debit card allows me to money transfer to Philippines without having to worry about whether my family received it or not. I'm not sure if this kind of service is available in Uganda, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

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