Post: Chocolate Manufacturing / Sweet Distribution business opportunity

Chocolate Manufacturing / Sweet Distribution business opportunity

You have a opportunity to start your own business manufacturing chocolates under you own new brand name and distributing a magnificent and beautiful range of imported sweets to the trade.The products are very affordable to all markets including the low income earners.

Your market includes cafes,supermarkets,wholesalers,school shops,garage shops,spaza shops,house shops,mobile shops,chemists,gift shops,hotels, guest houses,companies,private,etc.


We can produce moulds with any emblem or logo on for anybody which will be engraved into the chocolate.We can also make moulds with your own brand name on each and every small block of a slab of chocolate.We also supply a range of personal messages in any language to be put on to chocolates.


Examples of products that can be made are SLABS[different sizes],LOLLIPOPS,GOLD COINS,MINI BARS,CHOCOLATE LOGS,BARS,PENNY SLABS, AMERICAN DOLLARS,etc.Each item can be labeled with a name you decide upon.


The sweet range consists of PACKETS OF LOOSE SWEETS[100],LOLLIPOPS,WAFERS,BUBBLE GUM,JELLY ROLLS,BISCUITS,MARSHMALLOWS, NOVELTIES,CHIPS,etc affordable with prices starting from 6 cents to 99 cents each.


The following stock is included:complete range of the sweets[as above],chocolate for moulding,assorted coloured confectionary foils[wrapping],moulds, assorted flavouring essence,assorted fillings,lollipop sticks,mould catalogue,confidential chocolate manufacturing manual,labels with your business name on to be put on to containers,flavour labels.numerical labels,any language personal message labels,business cards.


The following marketing ideas are very successful:


  • Develop your own digital glossy catalogue to show customers for the purpose of taking orders.
  • Open a showroom at home to display your products.
  • Arrange to go out each and every day with the stock to the customers and sell for cash with immediate delivery.
  • Advertise your business in your area and surrounding towns.
  • Appoint agents to buy from you so that they can start their own business and you will supply them.
  • Approach business to offer them chocolates with their own name and logo on for customer give always.
  • Make chocolate with English,Afrikaans,Xhosa,Zulu, or any other African language labels to be put on to chocolates.
  • Appoint a representative to call on clients to take orders.


You can work from home and all you need to manufacture chocolates is a fridge and a microwave.

We offer you 24/7 support to ensure that you are successful.


The total cost of both businesses including delivery costs paid is R14750.


References of people we do business with and who know us.


  • PIXEL PRINT[STEVE[  SUPPLIER LABELS           0027 21 558 9748
  • QBS[RAOUL]              SUPPLIER                        0027 21 593 5663/083 973 2618
  • MARZANNE BURTON  CLIENT                             072 074 7871[RSA CELLPHONE]
  • JO ANNE HARVEY      CLIENT                            0027 41 379 4020/083 282 2222


We can assure you of our very best services and attention at all times to ensure that you make a success of the businesses.

Each business can also be purchased separately.


Myer 0027 12 547 5767,

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  • i am interested in start a new business, but i need some sample first so i can check the quality and taste then i will join your company. thankyou

    my add is G-3/100, sector-11, rohini, delhi-110085 (india)
    my phone number is 091-9136036891

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