Blog: Chairman’s remarks, Mr. Willy Mutenza at the 5th Uganda Convention in UK (Video)

Chairman’s remarks, Mr. Willy Mutenza at the 5th Uganda Convention in UK (Video)

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the fifth Uganda Convention UK.   The aim of the Convention is not only to make a contribution to the development of our motherland – Uganda, but also to support, encourage and bring together individual wealth creators, as well as those aspiring to be wealth creators. We know that such wealth creators benefit not only themselves, but, can also make a difference to the lives of others, through job creation, and generally helping to increase economic activities.

The Convention is a market place of ideas. Please feel free to share concepts, network, form new business and other relationships.

We have an exciting programme for you, distinguished speakers, who will share their wisdom and understanding in a range of areas. For instance, Lord Sheik will share with us his passion for bilateral trade relations between nations. It is a passion he has taken to the House of Lords, and we are fortunate to have him here. Thank you Lord Sheikh. For any of you, looking to expand your business activities internationally, or thinking of starting such a business, we are again lucky to have representatives from the UK Trade and Investment Department, to share insights into international businesses.

As you all know, business is about relationship, and as I have said, this is the place to strengthen existing relationship, as well as form new ones. Some of you may have come with brilliant ideas but searching capital. The person sitting next to you may have come with capital searching for a great idea. Therefore, I urge all of you to take every opportunity to talk to each other. Don’t just seek out your friends and acquaintances.

You know the saying that, a stranger is a friend you have not yet met. We might also say a stranger is a business partner you have not yet met. So meet those strangers, they are your friends and also your business partners too, and now you get to meet them. In fact let’s establish a new tradition for the convention: get to know anyone within speaking distance of you, and let none us leave here without having learnt something new. Questions may be asked at the door as you leave.

And remember our watch words in business as in life, honesty, integrity and a positive attitude to life. I recently came across a wonderful saying, “life is God’s gift to you, the quality of your life is your gift to yourself”. I would add that quality of your life is not only your gift to yourself, but also, your gift to others around you, and a way of giving back to life.

Every year, some new venture is launched, and I expect this year to be the same. In 2012, two of our guests, the Nagrecha brothers, were inspired by the First Lady’s speech. We subsequently organised a trade mission for them to Uganda. As a result of that mission, they decided to donate two tractors and to build a maize processing plant in Gulu, Northern Uganda. They also helped with the renovation of a school and are currently planning to build a fruit juice processing plant in Uganda.

Do not underestimate the power of solid and genuine partnerships! They can create wonders!

In the last four (4) years, the Convention has grown to include other African nations, and today we are delighted to welcome a brother from Nigeria, His Excellency Chris Baywood Ibe, the Chairman of Baywood Continental Limited, one of the leading companies in oil and gas in Nigeria. He will share with us his thoughts on unlocking Africa’s trade potential. We are also delighted to have Uganda’s representatives to mainland Europe, thank you all so much for crossing the channel to be with us. We are also pleased to welcome His Excellency, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s ambassador to the court of St James, welcome Your Excellency. Please approach them, pick their brains, it will be very rich pickings indeed.

We have members of the government of Uganda here, this is your chance to ask questions, advocate for causes, but, do please remember, they will not change policy today, on the spot, not even for us, but, it’s always worth a try. And in speaking to them, as you absolutely must, do please remember that it’s not always what your country must do for you, it’s also what you should do for your country, your people.

Finally, this event could not be what it is without our sponsors World Remit, Kampala Independent Hospital, Kingston University, Nnabagereka Foundation, Global Health Exchange, UIA, Sporah Show and MM2 Capital, our wonderful volunteers, our organising committee.

A very warm welcome to our exhibitors, and last but, most importantly, thank you to each and every one of you for coming, and make this convention the great experience that it has become. It is all about you, for you and by you, and it would not be without you.

Have a wonderful day, and as always, please share any feedback with us. I wish you a truly wonderful and productive day.
Thank you so much.

Willy Mutenza | Chairman
Uganda Convention UK – A Trade & Investment Forum
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6th Uganda-UK Convention
Date: Saturday, 10 September 2016
Venue: Troxy, 490 Commercial Rd, E1 0HX London UK




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