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Convention 2023

Enhancing Trade Efficiency at Ugandan Borders: Insights from the 13th UK-Uganda Summit

“At the 13th UK-Uganda Trade & Investment Summit, discussions focused on the inconsistencies in documentation and clarity on taxes at the Ugandan border. Ray Wilburn from East African Solutions raised these issues, leading to insightful responses from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) about customs regulations and taxpayer support.”

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Convention 2023

Boosting Coffee Production in Uganda: Government Incentives and Opportunities

The 13th UK-Uganda Convention emerged as a critical forum for discussing investment opportunities in Uganda’s burgeoning coffee sector. Kenneth Barigye, the Managing Director of Mountain Harvest Coffee, shed light on a significant government initiative designed to bolster investment in coffee production among Ugandan investors.

Convention 2023

Exploring URA Incentives for Branding and Marketing Companies in Uganda”

“Kenneth Barigye, Managing Director of Mountain Harvest Coffee, raised a crucial question about incentives for branding companies in Uganda at the 13th Summit. The URA Commissioner General outlined the available benefits, emphasizing the role of ICT platforms in enhancing eligibility for additional exemptions.”

Convention 2023

Exemplary Customer Service at Entebbe Airport: Lars Peter Jensen’s Accolades for Ugandan Immigration

At the 13th UK-Uganda Trade Summit, Lars Peter Jensen, the Branch Manager at Colas Ltd, took the opportunity to spotlight the exceptional customer service of the Ugandan immigration team at Entebbe Airport. His experience, often an overlooked aspect in discussions about international trade and relations, serves as a crucial indicator of a country’s first impression — its entry process.

Convention 2023

Empowering Diaspora Investment: Perspectives from a UK Businesswoman at the UK-Uganda Trade & Investment Summit

The 13th UK-Uganda Trade & Investment Summit 2023 stood out as a beacon of success in fostering international trade and investment relations, as reflected in the enthusiastic feedback from Terhas, a UK-based diasporan businesswoman. Her insights provided a unique perspective on the summit, emphasizing its role in promoting and facilitating meaningful discussions and opportunities for trade and investment between the UK and Uganda.

Convention 2023

Uganda’s Coffee Trade in the Global Market: Challenges and Opportunities Post-ICA Withdrawal

The 13th UK-Uganda Trade & Investment Summit served as a pivotal forum for discussing Uganda’s recent departure from the International Coffee Agreement (ICA). This significant move by Uganda has stirred conversations about its impact on the nation’s thriving coffee trade. The summit brought together experts and stakeholders to explore the complex interplay of challenges and opportunities arising from this strategic decision.

Convention 2023

Charting the Future of Uganda-UK Trade Relations: Perspectives from Hon. Robert Mwesigwa Rukaari

Hon. Rukaari’s insights at the summit not only reflect the current state of Uganda-UK trade relations but also chart a course for future engagement and cooperation. As the world looks towards a future where international trade plays a pivotal role in economic development, the insights from such summits and the actions that follow are crucial in shaping a mutually beneficial global trade environment.