Post: Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom to woo investors and subjects of the Kingdom at the 4th Ugandan Convention in the UK.

Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom to woo investors and subjects of the Kingdom at the 4th Ugandan Convention in the UK.

The Ugandan Convention in the UK is the only platform that has recognised the diversity of Uganda’s Kingdoms and the roles they play in the development of Uganda.

Every year, the Convention’s organising team reaches out to the various Kingdoms and offer them a free platform and exhibition facilities to reach out to investors and to the subjects of their Kingdoms in the Diaspora.

This year’s delegations attending the Convention will be from the Kingdoms of Busonga, Buganda and Bunyoro. They will be represented either by their partners in the Diaspora or from Uganda and they will use the platform to market and entice investors in their regions.

This year, Bunyoro-Kitara, under the theme “The New Bunyoro Kitara” will be introducing a broad investment thesis and why is it now time for Diasporas and investors to be exploring opportunities in the Bunyoro region.

Bunyoro Kitara is an ancient Kingdom in the Great Lakes region of Africa which, until 1985, was a state that only ceded its sovereignty with assistance to colonial occupation by Great Britain. Repressive colonial policies resulted in lost time for developing the area, despite vast resources. To date, the Kingdom has embarked on transformational activities targeted at the development of the people and areas in Bunyoro Kitara with the theme titled ‘The New Bunyoro-Kitara’.
The team will be exhibiting opportunities in some of the focused sectors like education which has the following gaps:

  • The development of a University in Bunyoro Kitara
  • Capital for setting up skills laboratories and workshops for vocational and technical training
  • Training students in employment focused skills to increase their opportunities for employment
  • Strengthening the capacity of the Kabalega Fund to increase the support to needy children.  The current school dropout rates stand at an unacceptable 56%.

Other opportunities abound exist agri-business including:

  • Continued education of the communities about the impact of having a safe environment.
  • Development of a seedlings programme aimed to be affordable to the communities.
  • Sensitise communities on having manageable families, due to population growth that has put pressure on the land
  • Preserve and protect existing natural forests. The costs for protection at the moment are prohibitive.

Other investment opportunities are also available to improve tourist infrastructures in its current tourist’s sites, which includes Mparo the Kings’ rest place; Budongo forest, a gorilla site; The lake Albert rift valley; Murchison Park Falls; oil drilling sites; fishing village life; the Batembuzi and Bachwezi  exit site ; Bigo bya Nyina mwiru caves; Kibiro salt  site ; Bugambe tea estates ; Cultural dances  and of course the lovely, friendly people of the Kingdom who are its best assets and Ambassadors.

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