- 13th UK-Uganda Investment and Trade Summit 2023 -


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Fostering Uganda's Future Growth: Insights from the UK-Uganda Economic Alliance

The 13th UK-Uganda Investment and Trade Summit 2023 marked a significant milestone in the evolving economic relationship between Uganda and the United Kingdom. This event, spearheaded by the notable Ugandan entrepreneur Willy Mutenza, General Kasiita-Gowa and the Right Honourable Kadaga, showcased the growing economic bond between the two nations, highlighting the potential for further cooperation and mutual growth.


The summit served as a critical platform for strengthening economic ties, emphasizing the importance of trade, investment, and sustainable development. With the participation of key figures from both Uganda and the UK, the event offered insights into the current state of trade and investment and explored opportunities for future collaboration.


Inauguration and Key Focus Areas

Willy Mutenza inaugurated the summit, underlining its evolution and crucial role in enhancing Uganda's investment profile. The event's agenda was comprehensive, addressing various aspects of the economic relationship between Uganda and the UK.

One of the central themes was the promotion of bilateral trade and investment. Nimisha Madhvani, the Ugandan High Commissioner to the UK and Northern Ireland, underscored the summit's role in fostering these ties. A trade analysis presented during the summit revealed a significant increase in UK imports from Uganda, indicating a robust and strengthening trade relationship.


Addressing Challenges and Opportunities

The summit also highlighted challenges in critical sectors, such as aviation, particularly the need for direct flights between Uganda and the UK. This issue is crucial for facilitating easier travel and transportation, thereby enhancing trade and investment opportunities.


Discussions at the summit did not shy away from addressing complex issues like peace, stability, and security. Uganda's role in hosting refugees and the government's commitment to a secure investment environment were central topics, emphasizing the country's stability as a key factor in attracting foreign investment.


Moreover, the summit showcased various sector-wise investment opportunities. Agriculture, infrastructure, energy, health, and education were identified as promising areas, with success stories from these sectors shared to encourage investment. These sectors represent significant potential for development and are crucial for Uganda's economic growth.


Ethical Practices and Sustainability

The summit concluded with a focus on promoting ethical labor practices, medical insurance, and fostering a green economy in Uganda. These aspects are vital for ensuring sustainable development and align with global trends towards responsible and environmentally-friendly business practices.


Conclusion: Strengthening Economic Connections

In summary, the 13th annual UK-Uganda Investment and Trade Summit went beyond being a mere gathering. It established itself as a crucial event for fortifying economic connections between Uganda and the UK. The summit addressed various topics, including trade imbalances and the UK's new trade policies favouring Ugandan exports. It highlighted the benefits of the Africa-Continental Free Trade Agreement and emphasized the importance of ethical labour practices and a green economy in Uganda.


The event significantly bolstered Uganda's position as an attractive investment destination, fostering sustainable development and deepening the economic partnership between Uganda and the UK. It set the stage for future collaborations and economic prosperity, reflecting Uganda's readiness for business and presenting numerous opportunities for mutual growth and development across various sectors.


This summit is a testament to the potential of international cooperation in fostering economic growth. It highlights the importance of maintaining strong international ties and pursuing shared goals for the benefit of both nations. The insights and initiatives that emerged from the 13th UK-Uganda Investment and Trade Summit 2023 will undoubtedly play a critical role in shaping the future economic landscape of both Uganda and the United Kingdom.

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Enhancing Uganda's Economic Growth: Tax Incentives and Investment Opportunities

Summary: “The speaker highlighted the various tax incentives and investment opportunities in Uganda, particularly in strategic sectors like agriculture, education, and tourism. Emphasis was placed on the tax benefits for developing industrial parks and producing for export, encouraging Ugandans in the diaspora to invest back home.”

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A Tribute to Uganda's Immigration Team at Entebbe Airport...

“Whenever I pass through Entebbe Airport, I consistently encounter outstanding customer service from the Ugandan immigration team. Their proficiency and professionalism not only ensure a seamless entry process but also splendidly showcase Uganda’s hospitable nature. Such a high standard of service significantly enhances the travel experience for international visitors like myself.”
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Remarks by Cllr Ramji Chauhan, Mayor of London Borough of Harrow

Councillor Ramji Chauhan, Mayor of Harrow and the first Uganda-born individual in the role, shared his journey from a Ugandan refugee to UK public servant. Elected in 2010, he’s focused on community service and environmental conservation. He embodies the resilience of Ugandans, contributing significantly to global trade and business.

-Keynote address-

Rt. Hon.

T. Tayebwa

13th annual UK-Uganda Convention

Rt. Hon. Tayebwa conveyed a powerful message about Uganda’s resilience, particularly through the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the country’s stable economy and its ability to continue thriving despite closed borders. He assured investors of a secure and conducive environment for investment, referencing Uganda’s remarkable recovery and stability post-independence, and the return of properties to Asians who lost them during tumultuous times.

Gallery 2023

Preview of the 13th Annual UK-Uganda Convention 2023, scheduled for September 8, 2023, in London, hosted at the esteemed Blue Orchid Hotel, London.