Blog: Buganda Land Board to showcase investment opportunities at the 3rd UK Convention

Buganda Land Board to showcase investment opportunities at the 3rd UK Convention

The Ugandan UK Convention is pleased to announce the participation of the Buganda Land Board at the 3rd Ugandan UK Trade and Investment Forum in London on 14th September 2013 at Troxy Arena, 490 Commercial Road, E1 0HX.

The CEO of Buganda Land Board Mr. Kyewalabye-Male David will be making a presentation on opportunities in Buganda while Sebuwufu Roland Michael, Head of Investments with his team will be  answering questions and queries from their exhibition stall. Buganda Land Board  will address issues concerning tenants on Kabaka’s Land or those who have any issues with their Land. They will be happy to interact with them in an effort to have their issues resolved.

The team will have at hand a an online system where the status of those who regularized with the land board will be verified and communicated instantly

Buganda Land Board is a body in Buganda Kingdom, entrusted by His Majesty the Kabaka to manage the kingdom’s land and buildings. Their vision is to be a centre of excellence in Entrepreneurial Land Management and Development in Uganda and beyond, as well as facilitating communities with security of tenure and sustainable utilization of land in Buganda Kingdom and beyond for posterity.

Buganda is endowed with untapped potential in mineral rock deposits which are foliated with granite. The Land Board will use the forum to showcase its various available investment opportunities.

  1. Huge deposits of quality granite stone outcrops which can be used for making hard core granite tiles, fabrication of kitchen/table counter tops, tombstones, bathroom vanity tops, jacuzzi and fireplace surrounds, stone aggregate for road construction and reinforcing buildings.
  2. Master planned land for real estate development in Kigo, next to  Lake Victoria Serena Resort.
  3. Agriculture: there is vast land available for agricultural purposes in Kyaggwe.
  4. Prime plots: a few prime plots of land ranging from ½ – 4 acres are available around Katwe and Mengo. These plots are not totally vacant but the tenants can either be compensated or incorporated in the development.
  5. Land for a mass housing project in Buswa Wakiso District: this project would fill a gap in the housing sector.  According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Uganda has a housing deficit of 550,000 units. About 160,000 units of this backlog are in urban areas. Kampala alone has a housing deficit of 100,000 units.


For more information about these opportunities contact  the Buganda Land Board on 00256 312263741, 00256 759708095 or by email:


Uganda Convention background:
The Uganda Investment Forum 2013 (UK Convention) is now the largest Ugandan forum in Europe designed to promote Uganda as a favoured investment destination in East Africa. The Expo offers participants – private individuals and companies large and small – the opportunity to access business and investment opportunities presented on the day by experts from Uganda and abroad.


Uganda Investment Authority will showcase a compendium of infrastructure projects in various sectors, case studies, highlight key areas and various incentives for would-be investors.

Delegates will also hear directly from Ugandan government officials, business leaders and experts as to why they should invest in Uganda, as well as deepen their understanding of the investment environment that exists in Uganda.

The Expo is an ideal platform for all business operators from the largest corporations to the smallest SMEs to network and increase market share and understanding in the frontier markets.


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