Boosting Coffee Production in Uganda: Government Incentives and Opportunities

Government Incentive for Coffee Investors

Barigye unveiled the Ugandan government's impressive commitment to supporting coffee cultivation. For landowners possessing 10 to 20 acres dedicated to coffee farming, the government is offering to cover 30% of the costs. This support escalates to 40% for landholdings exceeding 20 acres, demonstrating the government's substantial investment in the growth of this sector.


This initiative also represents a unique opportunity for the Ugandan diaspora, particularly those owning land in Uganda and interested in agricultural investments. Barigye emphasized the time-sensitive nature of this opportunity, pointing out that applications for this initiative were due by the end of the month at the time of the summit.


Encouraging Coffee Production in Uganda

Barigye's announcement served not merely as information but as a clarion call for Ugandans to invest in coffee production. Given Uganda’s ideal climate and fertile lands conducive to coffee cultivation, this initiative has the potential to significantly elevate the country’s profile in the global coffee market.


The session concluded with Barigye expressing gratitude towards the panel for their insightful contributions. These discussions enriched the summit, providing practical investment advice and perspectives to the audience.



Kenneth Barigye's revelation at the 13th UK-Uganda Summit underscores the Ugandan government's dedication to enhancing its coffee sector through meaningful financial incentives. This initiative is a gateway for both local and diaspora investors to engage in coffee cultivation, reflecting the government's strong support for agricultural ventures. Such incentives are crucial for strengthening Uganda’s position in the global coffee industry and for spurring economic growth through agriculture.

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Enhancing Uganda's Economic Growth: Tax Incentives and Investment Opportunities

Summary: “The speaker highlighted the various tax incentives and investment opportunities in Uganda, particularly in strategic sectors like agriculture, education, and tourism. Emphasis was placed on the tax benefits for developing industrial parks and producing for export, encouraging Ugandans in the diaspora to invest back home.”

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A Tribute to Uganda's Immigration Team at Entebbe Airport...

“Whenever I pass through Entebbe Airport, I consistently encounter outstanding customer service from the Ugandan immigration team. Their proficiency and professionalism not only ensure a seamless entry process but also splendidly showcase Uganda’s hospitable nature. Such a high standard of service significantly enhances the travel experience for international visitors like myself.”
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Remarks by Cllr Ramji Chauhan, Mayor of London Borough of Harrow

Councillor Ramji Chauhan, Mayor of Harrow and the first Uganda-born individual in the role, shared his journey from a Ugandan refugee to UK public servant. Elected in 2010, he’s focused on community service and environmental conservation. He embodies the resilience of Ugandans, contributing significantly to global trade and business.

-Keynote address-

Rt. Hon.

T. Tayebwa

13th annual UK-Uganda Convention

Rt. Hon. Tayebwa conveyed a powerful message about Uganda’s resilience, particularly through the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the country’s stable economy and its ability to continue thriving despite closed borders. He assured investors of a secure and conducive environment for investment, referencing Uganda’s remarkable recovery and stability post-independence, and the return of properties to Asians who lost them during tumultuous times.

Gallery 2023

Preview of the 13th Annual UK-Uganda Convention 2023, scheduled for September 8, 2023, in London, hosted at the esteemed Blue Orchid Hotel, London.