Post: Bank of Africa advises Diasporas to take advatange of Mortgage Deals in Uganda

Bank of Africa advises Diasporas to take advatange of Mortgage Deals in Uganda

Mortgage simplifies lives

When Bank of Africa came onto the Ugandan market a few years ago, it was a very brave move considering that the banking sector in Uganda was competitively hostile. It was not clear how they were going to cut their teeth in the market to survive and attract customers.

But time has proved that they had some tricks up their sleeve. Presently, they are one of the fastest growing banks in the country, and that they intend to share with the Ugandans in the diaspora during the Uganda Convention UK later this month.

Jude Kansiime, the Head of Marketing at Bank of Africa explained that they are not making the trip to London, where the convention is going to be held just to have a blast of a party or a holiday. “We want to give the Ugandans in the diaspora a taste of our fine services as a bank. At Bank of Africa, we feel for the customer and that is why our products are the most affordable to our customers in Uganda,” Kansiime said.
First of all, acquiring assets is one of the biggest needs for many people living in the diaspora. Homes, vehicles and machinery for business are key areas of interest for most people including those in the diaspora. But because such assets are quite expensive, having the money to buy them in one go may not be easy.
That is why Bank of Africa wants to come in and make it possible for everyone by providing mortgages. This product makes the pay back, which is normally in installments convenient for most people. Lump-some payment for most of the assets that catch the human fancy these days can only be realised by the very wealthy, who are not many in any case.
Furthermore, Kansiime said that the Uganda Convention UK will be a stage to showcase Bank of Africa’s Forex Save product. This is in many ways meant for those in the diaspora. He explained that this product has no monthly charges or any kind of costs to the customer. All one has to do is to open up an forex account and keep depositing money on it and the bank will be happy to keep the money while providing the customer some exciting interest.
Often times, Ugandans in the UK would like to return home with some start-up capital but they do not know how to save their money. Some times they fear to save their money in foreign banks because of the charges they could be subjected to. Others want to have some contingency money to rely on once they are back home on holiday instead of having to borrow before they fly back home.
Bank of Africa has also made it easy for people planning to wed with a grand reception. Wedding loans are offered, therefore the Ugandans living in diaspora can use that opportunity too in these times of high economic strain. Bank of Africa has so many products to meet one’s wish and requirements.
On top of that, Bank of Africa is based in 14 African countries and this should make transactions across the African continent easy for whoever opens an account with them. The byword of Bank of Africa is flexible services and once one is their customer, they are guaranteed of that.
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