Post: Are you ready to invest in Uganda?

Are you ready to invest in Uganda?

Broad-based economic growth is vital to improving living standards, and that it must provide the appropriate opportunities and incentives for Diasporans to invest productively, create jobs, and expand. The government of Uganda has established various institutions like the Diaspora Desk at Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate and plays the coordinating role for government in providing a comprehensive range of services to Ugandans abroad so as to facilitate their contribution to the country’s social, economic, technological, and political development.

Uganda Investment Authority officials will be presenting an array of opportunities at the Uganda’s Convention on 27th August in UK.

Among various opportunities includes:

  • Investing in Uganda’s Cotton Sector
  • Investing in Uganda’s Energy Sector, considering the ongoing construction of Bujagali power generation, various opportunities will arise. Despite the abundant natural resource base, the level of electrification in Uganda is very low with only 5% of the population connected to the national grid. The potential areas in this sector include the design, construction, sales and service support of Biogas plants; Assembly and Marketing of solar units in Uganda; Manufacture and marketing of charcoal Briquettes, Acquisition, installation & services of micro hydro power stations in Uganda.
  • Investing in tourism Sector
  • Investing in Uganda’s Meat Sector
  • Investing in Uganda’s fruit and vegetable Sector
  • Investing in Uganda’s Dairy Sector
  • Partnering with Local Uganda investors

And the list goes on, but these are the key sectors identified.

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