Post: Albinism Umbrella’s Namutebi To Attend The 7th Uganda-UK Convention

Albinism Umbrella’s Namutebi To Attend The 7th Uganda-UK Convention

The Executive Director. Albinism umbrella, Olive Namutebi will join the rest of rest of other dignitaries from Uganda to attend the 7th Uganda Convention in London at Troxy Arena, slated for 16th September, 2017.

Dignitaries from Uganda who will be going for the convention include; Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, Diaspora returnee, Dr Nandawula Kanyerezi Mutema and Dr Maggie Kigozi among others.

We have reliably learnt that Namutebi will be going to the convention purposely to appeal to Ugandans in the Diaspora to support the albino community in Uganda.

Olive will mobilise support from Ugandans in the Diaspora, friends of Uganda and NGOs to help the foundation to create awareness and fight problems such as bullying, prejudice and even violence because of the stereotypes based on the color of their skin.

It should be noted that in Tanzania, albinos most especially children are being murdered, mutilated and their body parts used for ritual purposes.

“This is not the duty for only Albinos to fight for all Ugandans and the entire world” Willy Mutenza the Chairman of the Uganda Convention in UK added.

“Many women who give birth to children with albinism struggle on as single mothers. Most men tend to deny responsibility after their wives deliver albino babies. It is only a few fathers who take up their responsibility,” Namutebi lamented.

Ugandans in the Diaspora are asked to support the skin outreach clinic programme in selected regions of the country where skin specialists diagnose person with albinism and recommend relevant health procedures.


About the Uganda Albinism Umbrella (

The Uganda Albinism Umbrella is a non-profit organization that consists of advocates, human rights sympathizers, people living with albinism and all other albinism well-wishers.

Albinism Umbrella (AU) was set up with the ultimate aim of having a joint voice for all persons living with albinism in Uganda.

It was established to engage communities of peoples living with albinism to engage and harmonize discrimination and stigma amongst these communities as well as empower the albinos to engage in social and economic activities as a way of adding to national development.

The popular annual Uganda Convention UK (UCUK) is hosting its 7th time this year with the aim of facilitating strategic partnerships among participants that will lead to wealth creation in Uganda. The UCUK brings together over 1000 delegates annually including representatives of governments, the private sector, Diasporas and as well as Entrepreneurs and Investors to debate on ways to achieve trade-led inclusive sustainable development through Entrepreneurship, SME competitiveness, employment and economic growth.

The one-day event is aptly themed “partnering for wealth creation”. It will be held at the Troxy in London on Saturday 16 September 2017. This year’s UCUK is expected to include a strong business-to-business dimension, with a large number of exporters and importers from Uganda, UK and mainland Europe. It’s expected to feature a selected line up of distinguished speakers and panelists from diverse businesses and organizations across East Africa in particular the albinism community from Uganda.

The UCUK will collaborate with government institutions like DFID, Albinism Umbrella, Parliament of Uganda the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), to present actual bankable projects, and signpost a range of attractive investment opportunities emerging from national programs, multinational development plans and the participation of special interest groups like the albinism community of Uganda as well as highlight new opportunities arising from BREXIT and bilateral trade between UK and Uganda.

The conference is intended to be the most pragmatic and effective investment conference of the year to date with discussions being centered around:

Key International transactions and business partnerships.

Recognition and empowerment of special groups like the albinism community to contribute to national goals of wealth creation, development, economic empowerment and capacity a way of unleashing their unexploited potential.

Establish strong connections and unity with different groups such as special groups (albinism community of Uganda) as a way of unleashing their unexploited abilities.

Understanding the albinism community in Uganda and connecting it to the rest of the world.

Access to Finance and Flagship bankable projects in Agriculture/Agribusiness & Agro-processing; Tourism; Minerals/Oil & Gas; Science and Technology & Innovations (STI) including Information, Communication and Technology (ICT).



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