Post: UK Convention’s Flashback: Affordable Housing | 8th Ugandan Convention UK

UK Convention’s Flashback: Affordable Housing | 8th Ugandan Convention UK

Affordable Housing is the leading real estate in Uganda managed by Universal Multi-purpose Entreprise group, that has waived its experience and professionalism across East Africa changing real estate industry into a prestigious and unique way of investment.

Check out about our projects:

Due to the gap in the real estate housing industry in Uganda, it is an opportunity for us to provide Ugandans with exceptional and magnificent sense of living. Amongst many estates developed, Affordable Housing has fully designed and built the best home package that you can purchase at an affordable price.

Our main focus is to cater for all statuses of Ugandans and satisfy them with impressive houses at low rates ensuring that their tastes are considered in each of our projects; Mercury, Gemini, Sunrise, Venus Villas, Venus Enclave Appartments, Jupiter , Galaxy Apartments, Leo Zodiac, Pisces Legends, Taurus Towers, Moonlight, Bright stars and our latest Blue Sky in Naalya.

We encourage the general public to look through and appreciate our already made projects as we are still working on more of all your home designs putting in mind new trends to make unique and quality living environments. All reviews are appreciated and welcome because we are focusing on client knowledge and preferences to manage this beautiful, fun and professional venture in housing.

Affordable housing has a team of individuals who work tireleslly to ensure satisfaction of all clients nomatter where you are, we are here for you and ready to share our housing experience with you to get you your dream home, be it rental houses for your business or personal house for your family.

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