- 13th UK-Uganda Investment and Trade Summit 2023 -


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Tackling Uganda's Agricultural Hurdles: Uganda's Journey Towards Sustainable Agriculture

During the 13th UK-Uganda Investment and Trade Summit 2023, a vital discussion was led by Carrie Gower, a Regenerative Agriculture Consultant, focusing on the alarming statistic that 41% of Uganda's soils are degraded, with 12% severely affected. This sparked an examination of the Ugandan government's initiatives to educate rural farmers on sustainable agricultural practices.

Government Initiatives for Sustainable Agriculture
  • Mechanized Agriculture and Seed Quality Enhancement: The Ugandan government, through institutions like the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), is promoting mechanized agriculture and improving seed quality to elevate the standard of agricultural produce.
  • Equitable Land Distribution: Laws have been implemented to ensure fair land distribution, particularly supporting women, who are primary cultivators. This legal framework secures land ownership rights, facilitating wider agricultural engagement.
  • Adoption of Innovative Agricultural Methodologies: Recognizing societal dynamics and population growth, the government is advocating for the adoption of new and efficient agricultural methods.
Challenges and Efforts in Educating Farmers
  • Misunderstandings Around Hybrid Seeds: A major challenge is the farmers’ limited understanding of hybrid seeds, often leading to crop failures. This underscores the need for better education and resources on seed management.
  • Barriers in Accessing Information: Access to information and extension services, especially for rural farmers, is a persistent challenge. NARO is a key information source, but engagement and response issues have been identified.
  • Focus on Soil Improvement and Input Manufacturing: The government is also concentrating on soil improvement and the production of fertilizers and pesticides to boost soil fertility and assist farmers.
Encouraging Investment and Skills Development
  • Data Accessibility in Agriculture: Legislators suggested utilizing online platforms for accessing data on crop varieties, soil composition, and texture, with organizations like NARO being vital information sources.
  • Developing a Skilled Labor Force: Uganda’s large youth population, trained in various skills, provides both affordable and quality labor for investors.

The 13th UK-Uganda Investment and Trade Summit 2023 brought to light Uganda’s dedicated efforts to combat agricultural challenges, such as soil degradation and the need for farmer education. The government’s focus on mechanized agriculture, seed quality, equitable land distribution, and new methodologies demonstrates its commitment to sustainable agricultural development. Addressing the information gap and offering practical education to farmers, particularly regarding hybrid seeds and soil management, is crucial for the success of these initiatives. These efforts are fundamental to ensuring the long-term sustainability and productivity of Uganda’s agricultural sector.


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Enhancing Uganda's Economic Growth: Tax Incentives and Investment Opportunities

Summary: “The speaker highlighted the various tax incentives and investment opportunities in Uganda, particularly in strategic sectors like agriculture, education, and tourism. Emphasis was placed on the tax benefits for developing industrial parks and producing for export, encouraging Ugandans in the diaspora to invest back home.”

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A Tribute to Uganda's Immigration Team at Entebbe Airport...

“Whenever I pass through Entebbe Airport, I consistently encounter outstanding customer service from the Ugandan immigration team. Their proficiency and professionalism not only ensure a seamless entry process but also splendidly showcase Uganda’s hospitable nature. Such a high standard of service significantly enhances the travel experience for international visitors like myself.”
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Remarks by Cllr Ramji Chauhan, Mayor of London Borough of Harrow

Councillor Ramji Chauhan, Mayor of Harrow and the first Uganda-born individual in the role, shared his journey from a Ugandan refugee to UK public servant. Elected in 2010, he’s focused on community service and environmental conservation. He embodies the resilience of Ugandans, contributing significantly to global trade and business.

-Keynote address-

Rt. Hon.

T. Tayebwa

13th annual UK-Uganda Convention

Rt. Hon. Tayebwa conveyed a powerful message about Uganda’s resilience, particularly through the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the country’s stable economy and its ability to continue thriving despite closed borders. He assured investors of a secure and conducive environment for investment, referencing Uganda’s remarkable recovery and stability post-independence, and the return of properties to Asians who lost them during tumultuous times.

Gallery 2023

Preview of the 13th Annual UK-Uganda Convention 2023, scheduled for September 8, 2023, in London, hosted at the esteemed Blue Orchid Hotel, London.