British High Commission – Kampala
4 Windsor Loop PO Box 7070
Kampala, Uganda
Tel:+256312 312 000
Fax:+256414 257 304

Mrs Margaret Magera
Trade Development Manager
Tel:         +256 312 312 213

Mr Eric Olanya Trade Officer
Tel:         +256 312 312 222

UKTI Uganda is a part of UKTI East Africa, a regional team with trade experts located at the British High Commissions and Embassies in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia. UKTI East Africa offers coordinated services for those wishing to explore similar business opportunities in the wider region. Please ask the contacts above for more information.

Uganda Investment Authority (UIA)

P O Box 7418, Kampala Tel: +256 414 301000 Fax: +256 414 342903

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) P O Box 7279, Kampala Tel: +256 417 442001

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Office:

Market Access

Market Access Database for Tariffs (for non-EU markets only):

SOLVIT – Overcoming Trade Barriers (EU Markets only)

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