Land use in Uganda is regulated by the Town and Country Planning Act. Land use including changes to existing land use must be in accordance with the approved outline scheme in respect of that area. Where the investor’s land does not fall within the planning area, there are no limitations in changing from one land use to another.

The Land Act 1998 provides for 4 types of land tenure systems; mailo, customary, freehold and leasehold.  Leasehold tenure is the only land tenure available to foreign investors and this consists of: –

A foreign investor can (subject to renewal) acquire a leasehold interest in land for up to 99 years    Land acquisition/leasing is governed by the Registration of Titles Act. The seller or lessor must be in possession of a Certificate of Title. A Certificate of Title in the names of a party is sufficient proof of ownership of the land in question. Investors should, where applicable, insist on a written consent from the spouse and children of the owner/vendor prior to effecting a purchase. Where the children are minors, the Local Land Committee can give such consent.  Leasehold land is normally available from district, town or municipal council boards. The Buganda Land Board is also another body with authority to lease land.

Steps to follow:
1. Identify land available by contacting landlord (District Land Board, Municipality or individual with title).
2. Title Search – Establish if vendor or purported owner/landlord has a ‘clean or unencumbered’ title.
3. Complete land application form in the case of buying land from an institutional landlord. (For individual, go to step 4)
4. Sale Agreement and Transfer – Upon approval of application, the landlord will issue a certificate of allocation, which is effected by payment. The actual sale (transaction) should be evidenced by a sales agreement between vendor and buyer along with an instrument of transfer, which enables the buyer to have the registration on the title officially changed into the buyer’s names.    

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Other District/City/Town Council Boards

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