Uganda’s exports comprise of locally produced/manufactured goods and the previously imported goods categorized as
Bonded exports and Un-bonded exports.

Four operational export regimes are used in the automated export system, namely:
•    EX1 –Permanent Direct Exports. These are mainly local produce and attract no taxes.
•    EX2 – Temporary Export/ Re-exports (not bonded). Goods going out for repair or otherwise but coming back.
•    EX3 – Permanent Re-exports (not bonded). These are normally personal effects.
•    EX8 – Bonded exports (CPC 8400)/ re-exports (CPC 8471). These are basically manufactured goods.

Customer Care Desk
Kampala Customs Business Center (CBC)
Uganda Revenue Authority
Nakawa headquarters
Tel: +256-41-4334263
Tel: +256-41-4334267
Tel: +256-41-4334268
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Export Incentives and Facilities.
•    Bonded Warehouse Facility
•    Duty Draw Back Facility
•    Inward/Outward Processing
•    Export Processing Zones (planning).

a. A Single Administrative Document (SAD) is captured by the exporter or his/her Agent at the DTI center, and  registers the declaration.
b. The printed SAD together with the necessary export accompanying documents is presented to Customs Verification Unit for confirmation of the export goods.
c. The Customs – endorsed SAD is then lodged at CBC Exports Desk for document processing.

Documents to attach:

  1. Valid Export Certificate from Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry.
  2. Quality Certificate from relevant regulatory bodies i.e. UCDA, CDO, and UNBS.
  3. Weighbridge slip/report.
  4. Certificate of origin from Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry for exports destined for countries outside COMESA.
  5. EUR.1 (movement certificate for goods destined for the EU issued by the Uganda Exports Promotion Board (UEPB).
  6. International Coffee Organization (ICO) certificate of origin from UCDA.
  7. Phytosanitary certificate from Ministry of Agriculture, Animal industry and Fisheries (MAAIF)
  8. Parking list/Tally sheet.
  9. Tax invoice.
  10. COMESA certificate of origin from UEPB for goods destined to COMESA countries.
  11. Health certificate from MAAIF if exporting fish.
  12. Valid lint cotton export registration certificate from CDO
  13. Fumigation certificate.
  14. Proof of payment of taxes(export levy) from the bank in the case of hides and skins – $0.25 per kg.

Export Promotion Schemes
Uganda Revenue Authority
Tel +256-414-334219

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