The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) requires EIAs to be carried out for the following types of investment, prior to commencement: –
• Urban development;
• Transportation;
• Dams, rivers, and water resources;
• Aerial spraying;
• Mining;
• Forestry related activities;
• Large-scale agricultural activities, introduction of new crops, animals, and pesticides;
• Processing and manufacturing activities;
• Electrical infrastructure;
• Management of hydrocarbons;
• Waste disposal;
• Natural conservation areas.

On approval of a project brief and environmental impact study the developer is required to pay a fee to NEMA.  This fee is used for monitoring the project during its existence and to cover administrative costs and ranges between Ushs250,000 – Ushs.2,000,000 depending on the level of investment. Large projects over Ushs.5 billion pay a fee of 0.1% of the investment value.

At a minimum, the project brief submitted by the developer to NEMA shall contain the following information:
• Name, title and address of the developer.
• Name, purpose, objective and nature of project, including attributes such as size of project, design, activities that shall be undertaken during and after the establishment of the project, products and inputs, sources of inputs, etc.
• Description of the proposed project site and its surroundings, and alternative sites, if any, where the project is to be located.
• Description of how the proposed project and its location conform to existing laws, regulations and policies governing such project and the use of the site/area proposed for its location.

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