The UIA assists investors in obtaining work permits from the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration control.  Licensed investors are required to submit their work permit applications through the UIA for faster and easier processing.

Issuing Procedures
An investor submits the application with all the relevant documents to UIA.  At the UIA, the applications are evaluated and recommended by the Executive Committee.  The evaluation process may require a visit to the project site to access investment on the ground and number of jobs (local and foreign) created.  Upon approval by UIA, the application for a work permit will go to the Immigration Office, who in turn will grant final approval.

Appeal/ Problem Cases
An applicant whose application is rejected can appeal to the Minister of Internal Affairs. The appeal should be done within a period of one month from the date the applicant is informed about the rejection.  Appeals are made to the Minister for Internal Affairs and a US$ 500 non-refundable appeals.

For fees see:

1. Special Passes
The Special Pass entitles the holder to stay in Uganda for an initial period of three months, renewable for two more months. 

Application Form 10A available, which is also available at UIA free of charge, is filled out and submitted to the Immigration Department. A Special Pass is given within one day and a processing fee of US$ 50 is paid. Extensions are given for US$ 20. The investor may contact UIA in case of any difficulty. For fees see:

2. Entry (Work) Permits
The Work permit entitles the holder to stay in Uganda for a period of between one- three years and this period may be extended on the investor’s request.

For each of the above, the applicant is required to fill out Form 1, which is available from the Directorate of Citizenship Immigration Control.

Each applicant (investor) is requested to attach the following, on submitting to the UIA the completed work permit application forms:   

  • Two passport size photographs;
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport;
  • A copy of UIA Investment Licence;
  • A recommendation letter from UIA.

For potential expatriate employees, should submit the following documents, in addition to the above listed: Copies of academic certificates, Curriculum Vitae, and A letter of appointment, letter of good conduct from one’s home country.  Application is done prior to the prospective expatriate entering Uganda.   

The Commissioner
Directorate of Citizenship Immigration Control
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Jinja Road
P.O. Box 7165 Kampala, Uganda
Tel:  231641 or 231031

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