Metered Charges (Charges per Cubic meter)
a. Public standpipes     568/=
b. Residential    879/=
c. Institutional/Government, 1082/=
Industrial/commercial, First 500m3 per month = 1,462/=
501-1500m3 per month, =1,462/=
Over 1500m3 per month, =1,324/=

d. Industrial/Commercial  assessed at Ushs.1,462/m3

Un-Metered Charges (Charges per Cubic meter)
a. Public standpipes: 75m3,, = 42,600/=
b. Institutional/Government,. Assessed at shs.1,082/m3
c. Industrial/Commercial,  Assessed at shs.1,462/m3

NB: Other charges related to the pipes to used at premises

Upon identification of an Industrial site for development, the investor should:
• Fill out form NCI and deliver it (preferably in person) to the respective area office (for upcountry offices) or to NW&SC 6th Street Industrial Area for Kampala.
• The Block-mapping section of the corporation offers an updated site-plan
• A file is opened and an account number allocated to the client
• An estimate of the cost of the required materials is availed to the client to purchase on the open market
• The materials are inspected by NW&SC officials for suitability and an approval is signed
• The client pays connection fees proportionate with the size of the desired pipe as given by the Corporation.

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