A Warm Welcome to our New Sponsor – Green Top Villas

Whether you are thinking of relocating back to Uganda, you need to buy that dream property or investing in a rental property, this the best time to become a real-estate owner or investor.

We are pleased to inform you that Greentop Villas will among developers that will be exhibiting its products at the 1st Ugandan Convention on 27th August 2011. GreenTop Villas is a real estate development and Investment Company with particular focus in residential and commercial properties. They also, as part of their business, undertake construction services, consultancy in real estate development and property management for reputable individuals and organizations.

Their Vision is to be one of the top real estate development company in the industry we operate and transform any piece of land into its best human uses and economic activities.

Their Strategic Goals

  •     To increase market share & become the dominant real estate development company
  •     To be the market leader in product and service delivery
  •     To become the strongest quality brand in the real estate industry
  •     To economically empower the society


Parliament Avenue, Parliament Plaza, First floor, R1 & S1
P.O.Box 471 Kampala-Uganda.

Tel: 256-776-539051, 256-756-539051, 256-701-626202
Email: info@GreenTopVillas.com
Website: www.GreenTopVillas.com

Tel: 256-701-626202, 256-312-111504
Email: hanna@GreenTopVillas.com
Website: www.GreenTopVillas.com

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