Blog: UK Convention’s Flashback: Rt Hon. Rebecca Kadaga thanking sponsors for supporting the Convention

UK Convention’s Flashback: Rt Hon. Rebecca Kadaga thanking sponsors for supporting the Convention

The Convention is a non-political forum whose vision is to:

– Promote Ugandan exports and identify export opportunities, so that the export earnings close the gap with the import demand and promote the transformation of a current consuming nation into a producing nation. To this end, engage in close communication with the Ministry of Finance and Investment Authority in Uganda for advice and information.
– Work closely with private and government organs to assist in creating the “enabling environments” for Diaspora engagement, including policies and programs affecting return, retention, virtual participation/contributions and investment in development.
– Work with the UK Convention and other Diaspora associations to share knowledge and improve communications among and between all parties with the objective of enhancing Diaspora contributions to development.
– Avert the brain drain by encouraging professionals in the Diaspora to scout for employment in Uganda.One of the much potential in the Diaspora is the accessibility to intellectual, cultural, financial, human and social capital. We believe that education and skills training, especially in business and entrepreneurship, can increase the ability of a society to improve its productivity and competitiveness. We are devoted to develop and support effective skills development in the Diaspora i.e. connecting the Diaspora to technical training, providing advice on other opportunities such as ICT.

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