Blog: UK Convention’s Flashback: Bobi Wine singing Tugambire ku Jennifer at the 2ndUgandan Convention UK

UK Convention’s Flashback: Bobi Wine singing Tugambire ku Jennifer at the 2ndUgandan Convention UK

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), the regulator of the communications sector in Uganda has banned Bobi Wine’s new song, “Tugambire ku Jennifer” (please talk to Jennifer on our behalf) in translation that is said to be defaming Kampala Capital City Authority Executive Director, Ms. Jennifer Musisi.

In a statement issued yesterday, UCC stated that they have noticed that musicians through music attack individuals and warned broadcasting channels especially radio on playing these songs.

“Some artistes and musicians have resorted to attack personalities through their songs and other works. Much as they have a right to express themselves… public airwaves should not be used to attack individuals, which may amount to defamation…”read the statement.

In the song, Bobi states how Jennifer Musisi has oppressed Kampala citizens; he therefore tries to get the attention of administrators to talk to the KCCA boss to loosen her Grip on Kampala.

When contacted just days after the release of the song, Musisi reacted: “I have not yet heard the Song yet but I surely will try to find it. If he thinks he’s trying to get at me, am sorry. He’s a small fish with no bones and trust me; we shall see who has the last laugh.”

However, the Ghetto president came out denying allegations that he was directly targeting the City boss (Musisi).

“This is no verbal attack or disrespect to the boss but am expressing what are exactly on the minds of the ghetto people,” the By Far singer stated.

Bobi adds that he doesn’t target anybody in the song but simply talks about the daily lives of the Ghetto people.


The Convention’s after- party

One of the Conventions objectives:
-Promote the exchange of information, research and expertise and encourage new business interaction and relationships
-To mobilize the Ugandan Diasporas to transfer knowledge, skills and technologies to Uganda to promote socio-economic and infrastructural development
-Identify potential opportunties in Uganda and mobilise Ugandans in the Diaspora to invest back home and increase the role of Ugandan Diaspora in Uganda’s development
-Seek investment opportunities in public and private organizations within Uganda, the United Kingdom and Europe and inform Ugandans in the Diaspora
-Utilize the intellectual and financial capital of the Diaspora for the purpose of improving the livelihood of all Ugandans
-Raise awareness of financial services available for small to medium sized businesses in Uganda and the United Kingdom

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