Blog: 5 minutes with Priscilla Kalibala

5 minutes with Priscilla Kalibala

It is hard to put charming, affable and sexy Priscilla Kalibala into words. Her passionate voice… her body moves… one cannot help but get hooked instantly. She has an infectious, outgoing attitude towards anyone and everyone. Her captivating looks are underlined by a killer smile. One of her fans once remarked, “It is hard not to fall for her, whether you are dealing with the musician or the person.” This is what I found out when I interviewed her.

Priscilla Kalibala who studied Business Administration at Makerere Business School has always taken on other work in addition to her music career, and is interested in production aspects of the music business as well as architecture and fashion coordinating. She used to work with the Paparazzi Modeling Agency (later to become Sylvia Owori’s Ziper Models).
Kalibala burst onto the Ugandan local music scene in a big way with her successful G-Power show in 2005.  She had already been treating appreciative audiences to her catchy afro-beat melodies for several years prior to that, and has a loyal fan base to prove it.

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