Post: 3 minutes pitch by Malcolm Kastiro – Malcolm Kastiro the co-founder of YakaKo.

3 minutes pitch by Malcolm Kastiro – Malcolm Kastiro the co-founder of YakaKo.

Malcolm Kastiro, Founder of YassaKo/ CEO, Mallan Limited started by introducing his company Mallan Limited an ICT solution company that specialises in value added services.  Currently, Mallan is enabling SME’s or enterprises in Uganda to make payment to their employees or informal staff as these usually don’t have KYC’s to open up bank accounts.  In Uganda, there are about 5 million people with bank accounts and over 23 million people which use mobile money and that is the niche Mallan is trying to provide its services.

Mallan is currently working on a product called YakaKo Pay an Emergency payment option for Yaka clients. This option enables prepaid electricity clients who need to purchase units but for whatever reasons, cannot do so. YakaKo Pay therefore enables them to purchase these units on credit a service fee.


Mallan is partnering with Airtel which will give them access to data for credit scoring of customers and also access to a mechanism for collection. The company is hoping to replicate their innovative services to other African countries.

Malcom called upon investors and technical people who can invest in their company and also give them technical advice.

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