Blog: The foundation of Uganda is the empowerment and education of its youth – UK Youth Forum: 10 Sept 2016

The foundation of Uganda is the empowerment and education of its youth – UK Youth Forum: 10 Sept 2016

 “To empower minds to transform Uganda by 2020 through business, education, and technological innovative ideas: a first -of -its kind” global inspiration. (Uganda convention 2016)


We welcome you to the sixth UK youth forum sponsored by the Uganda convention UK 2016, to be held here in London on the 10th September 2016 at the Troxy Arena. The forum aims to raise and give young people a voice and commitment, by empowering them to now become creators and not just consumers of other people’s services.  Therefore, this forum is at the heart of Uganda’s Government commitment to have a middle -class and a decent standard of living by 2020.

The Uganda convention UK 2016 is so proud to recognise and promote the achievements of our youths both in the diaspora and in Uganda every year especially those young people who have gone above and beyond for the prosperity of Uganda, but also who have come to know that faith based inspiration is bought with sacrifice, hard work, and being patriotic. This conference now, is writing icons of the pearl of Africa, Uganda and to best understand our youth as icons! We are here to help write a new chapter for the 2020 vision of a Developed and industrialised Uganda side by side with our youths.



  1. To show the benefits and encourage political participation in Ugandans Democracy, social, and economic Development.
  2. Avail and seek opportunities to develop and encourage the practice of new skills in leadership, investments and to make notice of the new world order through science and technology.
  3. To emphasise the importance of accessing modern science and technology, information and communication technology as a means of accelerating social and economic development in Uganda.
  4. To sale the abundant business opportunities and resources that Uganda has to offer to the global market, to the young up coming entrepreneurs in the diaspora and at home to further engage in trying to attract new markets and investors to come and invest in Uganda.
  5. To show the youth the great advantages and support them in how best to use social media to build networks, business connections, and attract investors to Uganda.
  6. Propose key recommendations to the Uganda Government on how best it can invest more in youth programmes and to encourage NGOS and Donor agencies to embrace our youths who will be the best pillars of our nation’s future development.
  7. And finally, to ask “how close grained are our youths to understanding the state of the new world order in terms of DEVELOPMENT”



This conference therefore, is a great professional development opportunity that will bring together all experts who will show and tell about business, technology and social media opportunities to share and connect with youth development professionals, educators, and those working to promote youth programmes in Uganda.

The Uganda Convention UK 2016 is going to encourage the Government of Uganda and NGOS to have a creation of a youth work theory and practice centre to accelerate the recognition of, and investment in, youth work as a profession so as to obtain financing, educational trips, and foreign youth exchanges.


The Free for all forum is Aptly set within Canary Wharf – London’s financial district, the Uganda-focused Youth event features the highest calibre of speakers selected from partners and member’s youth activists, youth mentors, motivation speakers, young social entrepreneurs, youth bloggers, members of youth NGOs and other civil society organizations, youth with disability and officials of the various Kingdoms from Uganda.


Register for free at Uganda youth forum/Uganda convention 2016 UK.

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