Day: September 29, 2014

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UK Convention’s Flashback: Eng. Norbert Semitala presenting on opportunities at Ferdsult at the 2014 Ugandan Convention in UK

The Company commenced operations in 1999, initially providing engineering services ranging from construction of tower bases, building & civil engineering, electrical and mechanical works to construction of power lines ranging from 132kV to 0.415kV and installation of optic fibres. The Company has since broadened its services to include power distribution, representation of foreign manufacturing companies and foreign supply companies.

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UK Convention’s Flashback: George Mutabaazi, District Chair-person, Lwengo District at the 2014 Ugandan Convention in UK

The role of Ugandan Diaspora in Rural Development (Emotional investment)

– A case study on rural development and transformation of Lwengo district into a prospering district.


– Members of diaspora with social innovation ideas to address our various social challenges are welcome
– Lwengo District will provide details of social challenges (need analysis)
– Lwengo District Facilitates implementation of their social innovations.
– Lwengo District has negotiated a discout for a Social Action – Development Training with LCSI for all those who will want to develop their social innovation ideas.
– Members of diaspora with various skills are welcome to come to – Lwengo and share them as volunteers within various sector in order to contribute to our development

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UK Convention’s Flashback: Hon. Mathias Kasamba presentation at the 2014 Uganda Investment Convention in UK

Food Security in rural areas in Uganda:
– What are the opportunities in the sector
– How to increase per capita agricultural output and productivity in order to benefit the average rural dweller and provide a sufficient supply of food for the country.
• Ugandan agriculture is characterized by low productivity subsistence farming, primitive techniques, shifting cultivation, and labor scarcity during the peak agricultural season. Though traditionally land has been less scarce in Africa, population growth has caused land to become scarcer, and production has been shifting towards small owner-occupied plots, as opposed to communal shifting cultivation.

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UK Convention’s Flashback: Round table discussion with Ugandan Members of Parliament at 2014 Uganda-UK Convention

i. To share experiences and exposure with other institutions on how to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable Parliamentary services to Ugandans in the Diaspora;
ii. To consult and coordinate with Ugandans in the Diaspora on their expectations, needs and initiatives of the Parliament of Uganda and;
iii. To draw a clear road-map for delivering effective and efficient Parliamentary Services to Ugandans in the Diaspora.
iv. Updates on Infrastructure development such as electricity, water, roads, etc.
v. Policies on Safety & security of person and investments
vi. Dual citizenship and legal implications of Diaspora owning Mailo-land etc.
vii. Reverse brain drain. How the government is attracting its high skilled citizens.

– Moderator: A.A. Nabasumba , Diaspora Desk Officer
– Hon. Wafula Oguttu, opposition leader in the parliament
– Hon. Mathias Kasamba, Member of Parliament
– Catherine Kakai, Diaspora representative
– WK. Geoffrey Lutaaya, Diaspora representative
– Hon Lilly Adongo
– Hon. Michael Ayepa
– Hon Simon Mulongo

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UK Convention’s Flashback: Rt. Hon Edward Ssekandi, Vice President of Uganda keynote speech at the 2014 Uganda-UK Convention

Uganda Convention UK’s vision is to harness the tremendous skills, expertise and knowledgebase of the Ugandan Diaspora with a view to promote socio-economic and infrastructural development back in Uganda. Uganda Convention provide a platform for exchanges of views and networking to Ugandan Diasporas on matters of common interest and concern to them. Also help the Government of Uganda to better understand and appreciate the expectations of Ugandan Diasporas community from the land of their ancestors and more importantly, acknowledge the important role played by them in Uganda’s efforts to acquire its rightful place in the comity of nations.

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UK Convention’s Flashback: Lord Popat speech at the Ugandan Investment Convention in UK – 13th Sept 2014

Before I start, let me say a few things about myself. I was born in Uganda in the town of Busolwe in Butaleja District, and brought up in the town of Tororo. I fondly remember my early years there; it was — and is — a country of great beauty. It was a country with friendly communities and a great sense of optimism.

Sadly, my time there was cut short by the rise of Idi Amin, and I left the country for the UK at the age of 17, with just £10 in my pocket. I will forever be grateful to the United Kingdom for offering me and 28 thousand of my fellow Ugandan Asians a warm-welcome and a home.

But, it wasn’t just a home; Britain gave us opportunities. The UK allows anyone, with a good idea and determination, the chance to succeed; to run their own business or excel in their chosen profession, irrespective of background, gender or race. You are protected by the rule of law, and empowered by the safety net that democracy provides.