Blog: 2013 Post-Convention Comments

2013 Post-Convention Comments

The occasion was great, the people I invited from Sweden found great value in the convention and also had the opportunity to meet with Rt. Hon. Minister, Sam Engola and Hon MP. Mariam Nalubega.

The brief meeting went well and am just waiting to hear from all parties. All companies I had talked to are in the building industry and want to take part in the housing sector plus.

Once again, thank you for putting on such a great meeting event and now I cannot wait for next year. I look forward to playing the same role next year.

Edwin Senjobe


Dear William,

On behalf of  Gifted and Talented Foundation Africa I write to thank the convention team very much for their continuous support and advice.  We acknowledge your support, The opportunity you gave our young people to stand on stage and sing the Uganda National anthem is an experience they are very proud of and indeed they express a feeling of inspiration.  They are born in UK but they were made to feel proud of their country of origin.

We were able to interact with quite a number of people and the experience gave us such an opportunity to learn new things.

I strongly believe in the values the convention imparts on us.  We are looking forward to next year.

Sarah Ngoma (GTFA)

Dear Rt. Hon. Minister Sam Engola and Hon. MP. Mariam Nalubega,

On behalf of myself and my colleagues Ake, Jan and Leif, I would like to express our gratitude for the opportunity to sit with you to discuss housing in Uganda.

I would like to commend Mr. William Mutenza for his admirable initiative and efforts in organizing the Ugandan Convention, and I especially thank Mr. Edwin Senjobe for his diligence and perseverance in making the Housing Session possible.

SIAB will make every effort to visit Uganda with the intention to demonstrate VBH construction technology first hand as you kindly suggested during the session.

Louie de Keyzer


Many, many congratulations. As a Ugandan Asian businessman based in the UK I was inspired by the many presentations from H.E the Vice President, Mr Edward Ssekandi, Honourable Ministers, Ambassadors to prominent businessmen.
Fantastic audience, you and your team deserves praise for all the hard work.
All this is  because we love Uganda and its people.
I wish the programme has started on time.

Best wishes

Jaffer Kapasi OBE
Director of Leicestershire
Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Dear Willy,

We really enjoyed this event. I thought some of the speakers were absolutely excellent and there were lots of interesting people in attendance. The atmosphere was very positive and everyone was keen to network.


Sam Foxman


Dear Mr Mutenza,

This is to express my appreciation to you for the arrangements towards the success of the 3rd Uganda-UK Convention in London on 14th Sept 2013. This was my first time to participate in the convention and my observation was that the Ugandans in the Diaspora specifically those that I interacted with at the convention lack upto date information about what is happening at home.

During my brief presentation, I informed the audience that we consult widely with organised private sector associations during the budget process. I committed to open a channel for Ugandans to submit their views and proposals in a similar manner. It would be helpful if you had a group mail for Ugandans living and working in UK through which we can communicate and receive proposals on what measures they think should be implemented.

Please advise on how we can take this forward so that we narrow the information gap.

Richard K. Kamajugo, Commissioner,
Customs Department
Uganda Revenue Authority


Hi Chairman, I wanted to reach out and give our sincerest thanks for having us join you at the Ugandan Convention. Denese said that the event went off very well and she was impressed with the talks she managed to go and listen to. She also said that she met some great people at the stand.

Thanks again Willy – look forward to collaborating again!


Megan de Villiers
Managing Executive
Homecoming Revolution


Dear Mr Mutenza,

Thank you for organising the 3rd.Uganda-UK Investment Conference. A lot of excellent contributions from speakers, panel and exhibitors.

I know what it takes to organise an event: you’ve made us proud again.

Don’t give up. I am sure there will a chance to see what needs refining for the future. For now be glad that your work, and of the team, volunteers etc has been appreciated by the community.

Geoffrey Lutaaya


Hello Convention team

I have since returned to Uganda and starting to plan how things will take shape after being away nearly 3months. I am grateful for the opportunity to exhibit and present my eco-stove innovation to the Convention’s delegates.

I met interesting client and the platform opened a lot of communication doors for our company.

A Big Thank you for all you did for us as Eco Group Ltd

Rose Twine
Director – Eco Group Ltd
Mob; +256706187028

John Doe
John Doe

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