Post: Mr. Nuradin Osman, MD, Africa for AGCO (Massey Ferguson) will speak at the Ugandan Investment Convention UK on 13th September 2014

Mr. Nuradin Osman, MD, Africa for AGCO (Massey Ferguson) will speak at the Ugandan Investment Convention UK on 13th September 2014

Mr. Nuradin Osman, Managing Director, Africa and Middle East for AGCO Corporation will speak at the Ugandan Convention UK on 13th September 2014, at the Troxy in London.

Mr Osman will talk about the 150 ha model farm and learning centre initiative that AGCO launched in Zambia in 2012. This model farm could be replicated in Uganda, for the benefit of its farming population.  Mr Osman said of the centre, “The AGCO Global Learning Centre will help empower farmers in Africa to improve their food production levels. Small to medium scale farmers with limited access to modern farming will benefit from training courses ranging from basic agronomy to general mechanization. Large scale farmers will be offered training on high specification tractors and harvesting equipment, including precision farming technology.”


Mr Osman will also talk on mechanising agriculture in Africa, to increase yield and food security, “As Africa’s population is set to rise to two billion by 2050, the need for mechanization, training, service and support for small and medium scale farmers has never been greater.” Investors will hear about investment opportunities in the sector and will have access to further information at the AGCO exhibition stand during the day.

Agriculture is the most important sector of the Uganda’s economy.  Out of a population estimated at about 34 million, agriculture employs over 4.5 small holder farmers with another 2.5 million people in agricultural related activities such as transportation, processing and manufacturing; and altogether 77% of Ugandan population depends on Agriculture.  The sector has been resilient to major domestic and global shocks, with a growth rate of 3% which contributed 21% to GDP.

Agco Targets Africa’s Agriculture Boom With $100 Million Plan
Agco Corp. (AGCO), the world’s third- largest farm-equipment maker, plans to invest $100 million in Africa over the next three years to capitalize on an agricultural boom and a shift to commercial farming.

Uganda must make sure that it is not left out of this plan, and must take steps now to increase its investment in agriculture, fully engaging its population in exploiting the land in the most efficient and optimum way.  Mr Osman states that “The only frontier left for arable land is in Africa. We are in for the long-term in Africa. We’re coming here for 100 years and more.”

Mr Osman will be joined on the day by MP Mathias Kasamba from Uganda who will also talk about opportunities in the sector.

Honourable Mathias Kasamba is Member of Parliament  representing  Kakuuto County, Rakai district and is committed to promoting attainment of food security in all five sub-counties of Kakuuto sub-county.  Mr Kasamba holds a Bachelors of Economics and Political Science and Public Admin, Makerere University  and is also Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Defence Committee, Publicity Food Security Forum, Parliamentarians’ SACCO and
Coffee Promotion Forum.


Areas of investment in Ugandan Agriculture:

  1. Cotton and Textiles
  2. Cocoa, Coffee and tea
  3. Fruits and Vegetables
  4. Floriculture
  5. Livestock Sub-sector
  6. Agro-Processing
  7. Dairy and Dairy products
  8. Meat and Meat products
  9. Fisheries

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